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Kevin Troudt - inventor, visionary, and pitchman has a unique perspective and appeal to everyday consumers just like you and me.  As the inventor of the and the designer of several products already successfully used in the professional market, he uses his sound logic to explain away consumer concerns over having to climb a ladder to complete their everyday household chores.

His is changing the way people view indoor and outdoor everyday home maintenance, lawn and garden maintenance and grooming chores around their home.

Through his unshakable desire to change the way people interact with things around them, Kevin has a goal to make everything better, faster, stronger and easier to use. He believes in the old adage of saving you time and money.

He has been working in the field of manufacturing extension devices since 1994.  His process is simple yet comprehensive.  By first studying the nature of an object, then questioning how it works and how it could be improved upon, he puts his observations through a Litmus test in his mind, and thinks like the consumer, challenging himself to find an even better way.

UpperHand, Ladderless Home Care System
"I invented a product so easy to use, even my 95 year old grandpa can use it!"

Innovative, curious, and animated, Kevin has questioned the usefulness and conformity of out-dated solutions.  How can I make it better, safer, more sensible, more flexible?  He never stops thinking about how to improve the lives of consumers and when they meet him, and he demonstrates the , they smile and nod as he asks the question,

Over 20 years of professional experience and success in the commercial paint industry has led Kevin to experiment and create more efficient and safe ways of doing his job.

With the , he has brought that ingenuity to you.

He believes that no one should get on a ladder ever again, unless they absolutely have to.

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UpperHand Introduction Bundle / Kits

The UpperHand pole is made of the finest aircraft grade aluminum and weighs less than 3 lbs so any one can use the entire kit for every day home maintenance. With our patented RLA, remote lever actuation hand grip, all of our snap on heads work just as well in your hand on the ground as they do on top of the UpperHand pole, while you stay safely on the ground.

UpperHand Introduction Bundle / Kits