UpperHand Introduction Bundle / Kits

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LadderLess Home Care System

The UpperHand pole is made of the finest aircraft grade aluminum and weighs less than 3 lbs so any one can use the entire kit for every day home maintenance. With our patented RLA, remote lever actuation hand grip, all of our snap on heads work just as well in your hand on the ground as they do on top of the UpperHand pole, while you stay safely on the ground.

The UpperHand Kit comes with a specially designed adjustable pole and three task specific tools that can be used in hand or on the pole. The kit includes an adjustable 10’ pole, pruner with four stage ratcheting action, angular adjustable saw, and a spray can holder. Each tool works as well in your hand on the ground or on the pole.s


The UpperHand Intro Kit Includes:

  • 10’ Telescoping Pole
    • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum telescoping pole weighs less than 3 pounds
    • Easy to operate telescoping pole with 10-foot reach
    • RLA (Remote Lever Actuation) handgrip, gives you the control as if the tool was in your hand while staying safely on the ground
  • 4-Stage Ratcheting Pruner
    • Use the four-stage ratcheting pruner and multiply your own hand strength up to six times
  • Full-Motion Angular Adjusting Limb Saw
    • With the full motion angular adjusting saw, you get the right angle of attack from every limb no matter where it is
  • Universal Aerosol Spray Can Holder
    • The universal spray can holder gives you great control of even the toughest painting & household chores.  Now you can take out those wasp nests and tackle those jobs that are hard to reach
  • All Task-specific tools works in your hand or attached to the UpperHand pole.

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