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UpperHand, Ladderless Home Care System Testimonials

Justin has a two-story house on top of a steep grade, with a 40 ft tree next to his sidewalk. After 20 minutes with the UpperHand, he pruned and sawed his way through his very large tree, now finally manicured, so he could see his house from the street once more. He even had the time to get on his top deck using our universal spray can holder to handle a large wasp nest dangling just outside of his reach under the eaves of his house. He saved a lot of time and money that day. "You have to put a warning on the UpperHand that says be careful not to cut your tree down, because you are having so much fun."


"I have been truly delighted with my purchase of the UpperHand.  I was impressed with the engineering that went into this multi-purpose garden tool.  I have used my UpperHand numerous occasions and find it far superior than any similar tool out there.  I have taken my UpperHand to work to demonstrate its uses and attachments.  I have become a big fan and I'm looking forward to your new info commercial in the coming months."

A happy customer, Wayne

"We bought the UpperHand because my wife doesn't really like me up on ladders.  With the UpperHand, we don't have to get up on ladders.  I put my spray attachment on for the wasp nests that are so prevalent here.  We can do our pruning and my wife can do her pruning of the blackberries and stay off the fence.  I don't fall off ladders anymore."

Billy & Lisa

"I used to have to drag out the ladder, try and find a level spot in the yard, sometimes it would get stuck in the dirt or beauty bark and get wobbly, and now with my UpperHand, I don't need a ladder!  I used to have to get help from my father, brother, somebody, and now, with my UpperHand I can do it all by myself.  Since I bought the upper hand, I've told all of my friends, all of my co-workers about it and I've told everybody who has trees that they need to have one.  That's the truth!"


"This is so easy, it's fast.  And now with the UpperHand I can come out at the end of a busy day and prune to my hearts' delight."


Jim's wife accidently dropped their 4-Stage Ratcheting Pruner into their wood chipper and he contacted us to purchase a replacement.  We wrote back and said, "Ouch!  Never mind the pruner, how's the chipper?  Send me your address and we will send you another."

"As it turns out, the chipper is a bit more robust than the pruner, it got busted up pretty good. I knew that this product has a good warranty, but I didn't imagine the warranty covering butter fingers..."

Jim & Sherri



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UpperHand Introduction Bundle / Kits

The UpperHand pole is made of the finest aircraft grade aluminum and weighs less than 3 lbs so any one can use the entire kit for every day home maintenance. With our patented RLA, remote lever actuation hand grip, all of our snap on heads work just as well in your hand on the ground as they do on top of the UpperHand pole, while you stay safely on the ground.

UpperHand Introduction Bundle / Kits