Athlete Progression Tracking

Build out your workouts and training programs, assign your athletes, and visualize their progress over time.

BUILD your programs

Build out all of the exercises your athletes may complete in training and combine them into session-based programs.


Add your athletes "in-training" to the appropriate training programs.


Visualize your athletes' improvement, identify areas for growth, and modify training programs over time.


Track your athletes' progress at your fingertips.

Create customized athlete training programs that are tailored to your business offerings.

How Athlete Progression Tracking Works

1. Build your Exercises

Build out each exercise an athlete may complete in training. Customize benchmark metrics that are specific to your sport or what you’d like to track.

2. Create your Programs

Combine your exercises to create training sessions and programs to enroll your athletes in.

3. Assign your Athletes

Assign your athletes to specific programs, so that you can track their progress of each exercise at each session.

4. Track your Athletes' Progress

Compare athlete outputs to benchmark metrics, and see how these datapoints improve over time. And, download an athlete report card to share progress.

Athlete Progression Tracking Features & Functionality

Exportable Report Cards

Export a report card to share with athletes so that they can follow their progress.

Internal Notes

Leave internal notes that you can go back and reference at future training sessions.

Unlimited Athletes

Every athlete in your Upper Hand software account has an athlete profile.

Customizable Metrics

Set your benchmark output metrics, from weight, speed, reps, and more.

Individual Athlete Dashboards

Much like Upper Hand's client profiles, each athlete has their own profile to view progress.

Athlete Progress Tracking

Track an athlete's progress through a program and how their marks have improved.

Athlete Syncing with Upper Hand

All athletes in your Upper Hand account are synced to Athlete Progression Tracking.

Video Upload

Upload a video demonstration of an exercise that athletes can reference during their workouts.

Play Video


Who can use Athlete Progression Tracking?

The new Athlete Progression Tracking feature is available exclusively to Upper Hand customers. Not a customer? Click the button below to see a preview of the software.


How do I add my athletes to the app?

Once you gain access, your athletes/clients automatically sync over from your Upper Hand account!

How do I get access?

If you're interested, click the link below to fill out a form. We will then be in touch with a login link. To log in, you will use your Upper Hand username and password.


Is there a separate app?

Yes/no, but will be integrated in the future.

How do my athletes get access?

Your clients will use the same link that you are using and will log in using their Upper Hand credentials. In the future, we will work to add this inside their Upper Hand account.

How will this benefit my business?

Athlete Progression Tracking allows you to digitize your workouts and keep your athletes accountable in training. You can visualize your athletes' improvement, identify areas for growth, and modify training programs, either at your business, or remotely.

How many athletes can I have?