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How to Grow and Retain Customers Using Marketing Surveys

A marketing survey enables you to gather focused insights from large groups of people. For sports and fitness businesses, marketing surveys are a simple way to collect feedback from your

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Steal These 3 Strategies To Improve Trainer Retention By 8x

There are a few key factors that contribute to trainer turnover, time and time again. And there are strategies that you can employ to greatly reduce the impact of those

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How Myles Grote Built an Innovation Machine at Upper Hand: Q+A

We sat down with Chief Product Officer Myles Grote to understand how he defines innovation, what innovation looks like in the sports and fitness industry, and the upcoming products that

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40 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gym Management Software

In search of a new gym management software? Here are 40 questions to ask before signing a contract with a club management software provider.

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How to Navigate Fitness Studio Operations Post COVID-19

It’s now been one year since the pandemic began affecting our communities, causing an unprecedented level of disruption in the health and fitness industry. Throughout the past year, franchise studios

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How a Colorado Basketball Academy Grew to 2,500 Athletes on Upper Hand

EYG Basketball is a basketball training academy and facility based outside of Denver, Colorado. This business trains powerful and promising young athletes and gives them the tools they need to

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NFL Logos: Ultimate Ranking and Analysis

To determine the “ultimate ranking” of NFL logos, our team sourced rankings from 7 different reputable sports sites including FanJuicer, Athlon Sports, Bleacher Report, Sports Feel Good Stories, Sporty Tell,

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How to Run Successful Promotions for Your Business + Free Template

We’re here to bring you the resources and know-how to run a successful promotion from start to finish, including what to include in your campaign messaging, tips to analyze post-campaign

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How Baseball Training Facilities Can Offer a Low-Touch Client Experience

As COVID continues to affect our world, now more than ever sports facilities are responsible for ensuring player and staff safety. As part of initiatives to maintain social distancing and

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6 Ways to Provide Value to Clients During COVID-19

Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts have been forced to find continue finding alternative ways to stay healthy and active during the coronavirus pandemic. While most sports and fitness businesses have been