Tips on Giving Effective Athlete Evaluations

Performance evaluations and feedback are important in all aspects of life. In schools, students are graded on daily homework and weekly exams. In the workplace, there are continuous performance reviews.

3 Reasons Sports Facilities Fail (And How Yours Can Succeed)

Owning a sports facility can be a very profitable business. But unfortunately, not all sports facilities are successful. In addition to the upfront investment, running a facility comes with higher

Preparing an Effective Sports Camp Schedule

Preparing a sports camp schedule is not easy. Use this agenda template as a helpful guide when planning your next big event! In addition to helping you and your staff

Top 10 Sports Budget Tools & Tips

10 sports budget tools and tips, including a free sports budget template, to help you manage your sports businesses finances effectively. It can be easy for coaches to overlook the

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How to Budget for Your Sports Business

Why detailed budgets are important for sports businesses, how to create budgets, and a free sports budget template. Have you ever wanted a simple excel template to budget for your

Sports Budget template

Using the Upper Hand Free Sports Budget Template

The Upper Hand Budget Template is a 12-month budget projection. Whether you know exact figures on a monthly basis or 12-month annual basis, you will be able to use the template

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What is Gym Management Software and Why You Need It

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March Madness Stats Graphic

Sixteen Sweet 16 March Madness Stats

This week kicks off the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, leading into the culmination of March Madness — the National Championship game. The Final Four is one of the most anticipated and

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Upper Hand Placed Among Leading Club Management Software by SoftwareWorld

This article was originally written by Andy Butcher, Marketing Manager at SoftwareWorld. Upper Hand is a leading software designed to help various sport and fitness businesses arrive at a unique

athlete feedback

Ultimate Guide for Effective Athlete Feedback

Performance evaluations are found in all aspects of life. In school, students are graded on homework and exams. In the workplace, there are continuous performance reviews. But with sports, there