Marketing survey templates

9 Revenue-Driving Marketing Survey Templates

Steal these 9 marketing survey templates to better understand your customers, staff, and market and drive revenue growth.

sponsorship letter template

Sponsorship & Donor Outreach Guide

Raising money can be daunting. We share how to make it easy - and successful.

Marketing Promotion Analysis

Guide to Running Successful Promotions + Benefit Analysis Template

Run high-performing sales and marketing promotions with this best practices guide and benefit analysis template.

checklist for planning sports events

New Program Planning Checklist

From scheduling to marketing, 7 must-do's when planning your next program.

re-opening checklist for sports and fitness businesses

Re-Opening Checklist for Sports and Fitness

From facility changes to re-engagement strategies, we've outlined over 30 important recommendations to consider before re-opening your business.

Definitive Guide to re-opening sports and fitness

Definitive Guide to Re-opening Sports and Fitness

Strategies, research insights, and best practices from the UPLIFT Roundtable designed to empower business leaders to re-open with confidence.

customer lifecycle journey template worksheet

Customer Lifecycle Journey Template

Build a strategic roadmap by applying new consumer behavior trends and insights to your customers' journey with your business.

Competitor analysis worksheet

Competitor Analysis Worksheet

Better understand your competitors and position your business for success.

brand strategy download guide

Using Brand Strategy to Grow Your Business

How to use your logo, website, and social media to establish your identity.