Data is complex. We make it simple.

Make sense of your data with Upper Hand AI. From customizable reports to data dashboards, 
make decisions backed by data that lead to growth.

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Navigating the Future of Sports Facilities with AI and ChatGPT

Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, May 23 at 1:30PM ET to supercharge your sports facility with ChatGPT

What is Upper Hand AI?

Data is overwhelming but with a plan, it can be incredibly valuable. We help business owners make sense of their data and turn it into insights that lead to growth. Upper Hand AI provides access to business intelligence (BI) reports that include key business metrics, delivered to your inbox at a set cadence. Let us help you simplify your data processes and make smarter decisions backed by data.

Predictive analytics & forecasting

Forecast future trends with machine learning algorithms. Get real-time tracking and reporting on key KPIs.

Automated insights

Get automated insights that are driven by data, not assumptions. Receive support from expert data analysts.

Data export & integrations

Integrate data with other critical projects and platforms, such as QuickBooks. Make informed decisions backed by data.