Innovation Issue: Upper Hand Fall 2020 Product Update

As the fourth quarter of 2020 comes to a close, our product team has taken a look back at the new features, updates, and fixes that we welcomed to our platform over the past 3 months. We prioritized releases of new features to our reports and classes capabilities, in order to expand upon our truly robust experiences in both of those areas of our software. Additionally, we welcomed updates to the UP Financial Suite that make accepting payments even more flexible for clients and members.

How Baseball Training Facilities Can Offer a Low-Touch Client Experience

Baseball facility tips

As COVID continues to affect our world, now more than ever sports facilities are responsible for ensuring player and staff safety. As part of initiatives to maintain social distancing and mitigate risk of COVID transmission, these facilities are encouraged to offer low-risk and low-touch workflows for their athletes. This means minimizing time spent at the front desk completing tasks that can be optimized for quick and efficient digital capabilities.