At Upper Hand, we think differently.

Upper Hand is solely dedicated to providing solutions that help sports and fitness businesses win.

You can do a lot with Upper Hand

Here's what you won't be doing:

Double-booking staff or resources.

True Availability at last.

Sending reminders for past due balances.

Automated billing.

Manually calculating staff payroll.

Put it on auto-pilot.

Checking multiple staff and resource calendars.

They're all on one.

Client scheduling complaints.

Best client experience.

Using multiple tools to run your business.

Enter Upper Hand.

Upper Hand helps you deliver an unprecedented customer journey that grows your business.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to where they train, and we know that a happy customer is integral to the success of your business.

Upper Hand gives you the experience you need to cater to your members and clients in a way that is personalized and premium.

Upper Hand difference

Change doesn't have to be hard.

We make transitioning to Upper Hand easy and painless thanks to our dedicated support team with industry experience and software expertise.


We recognize that a one-size-fits all approach is not the way to win. Our software is designed specifically for sport and fitness businesses, and our team works to ensure your unique needs are met.


When you choose Upper Hand, you choose a partner with a team of industry experts. With collective knowledge and background in the sport and fitness industry, our staff helps you apply best practices to level up your business.


Save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple software tools. Accessible on any device, Upper Hand gives you one platform with unlimited opportunity.


By working closely with industry leaders, we regularly request and leverage customer feedback to evolve the software with impactful feature updates on a regular basis.

Our industry is defined by forward progress and growth

Don't settle for software that is antiquated, inflexible, or complacent.

NEW: Introducing Membership Analytics by Upper Hand

Because you don't need to be a fortune teller to forecast your revenue.