The #1 rated sports business software for facility management, event scheduling, and much more.

A well-managed team is the backbone of a victorious organization. With Upper Hand's intuitive platform, you can energize your team and take your sports business to the next level.

One place to keep your team happy and productive.

Regardless of the size or stage of your sports training business, Upper Hand's comprehensive sports designed platform provides you with the tools you need to organize, communicate with, and manage your team seamlessly. Everything you need to propel your team to victory is right at your fingertips.

Let's find the right plan for your business.

Upper Hand helps you deliver an all-star client experience that grows your sports training business.

Consumers have many choices when it comes to where they train, and we know that a happy customer is integral to the success of your business.

Upper Hand gives you the experience you need to cater to your members and clients in a way that is personalized and premium.

About Upper Hand

The all-in-one scheduling platform for
managing your sports training

Streamline the scheduling and management of your sports training,
boost efficiency, and grow your revenue streams.


Average number of hours saved per week


Average revenue growth in first year


Average number of minutes to take a new program to market

You can do a lot with Upper Hand

Here's what you won't be doing:

Double-booking staff or resources.

True Availability at last.

Sending reminders for past due balances.

Automated billing.

Manually calculating staff payroll.

Put it on auto-pilot.

Checking multiple staff and resource calendars.

They're all on one.

Client scheduling complaints.

Best client experience.

Using multiple tools to run your business.

Enter Upper Hand.


Join the top ranked and forward-thinking businesses that use Upper Hand

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"Upper Hand helps me get through my day. It manages our time, it manages our space, I mean, it really does everything."

Baseball facility franchise wins “Fast Start” award after seeing 271% membership growth and 106% revenue growth in year one on Upper Hand.

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Hockey Academy Regains 5-10 Hours Per Week, Adds New Programs

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EYG Scales Athlete Base to 2,500 After Switching to Upper Hand

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