Retail & Inventory

Sports facility POS software that grows retail sales and simplifies inventory tracking.

Retail management software

Easy to configure, effortless to sell

From branded apparel to water bottles and yoga mats - build out your storefront and sell your products online and in-person.

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Order tracking management

Maintain accurate inventory

Save time by simplifying the way you manage retail. Add new items and perform inventory audits with barcode scanners, ensure your top selling items are always in stock with low quantity alerts, and make informed purchasing decisions with retail sales reports.

Offer retail perks

Increase the value of your memberships by adding exclusive discounts on your retail products.

Retail Membership Software Payment

Explore more retail management features

Retail Categories

Categorize products for reporting, memberships, taxes, and more.

Product SKUs

Generate product SKUs for products to track inventory and scan in new orders. 

Barcode Scanner

Automatically load new inventory and print barcode labels. 

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified when items meet a minimum quantity so you can reorder.

FIFO Accounting

True FIFO-based inventory management and reporting system.

Label Printing

Print barcode labels with scanner and printer integrations.

Turn your members into brand advocates

Learn how Upper Hand's integrated POS and retail software can help you gain back time, cut costs, and grow sales.

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Transact and manage payments from anywhere.

Facility Management

Streamline resource scheduling and eliminate double-booking.

Contact Marketing

Manage your contacts and promote your programs.

Experience the new way of doing business

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