Staff & Payroll Management

All of the tools you need to run and empower your team.

Staff scheduling management

Let staff manage their schedules

Each staff member has login access to update and manage their schedules and availability, allowing you to spend more time in other areas of the business.

staff facility availability scheduling
Staff booking preferences

Staff booking preferences

Resource preferences enable staff to be booked in the order of their most desired parts of the facility, based on availability.

Boost efficiency & enrollments

Give your staff more time engaging members and less time behind the desk with tools that manage attendance tracking, scheduling, and payments in one view.

Time tracking and clock-in

Decrease the time spent calculating hours worked with time tracking actions.

Automate payroll reporting

Save time calculating payroll and eliminate errors by automating your payroll reports. Create rules to calculate commissions based on whatever you'd like - from hourly amounts, assigned programs, revenue percentages and more.

payroll commission automation

Software your staff will love

Experience the benefits of your team all rowing in the same direction

More software features you'll love

Sports and fitness solutions that help you achieve more while doing less

Scheduling & Registration

Streamline online and in-person scheduling and registration.


Customize memberships with perks your clients will love.

Facility Management

Streamline resource scheduling and eliminate double-booking.

Experience the new way of doing business

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