Sports scheduling software features

Explore the powerful software features that can give your business the Upper Hand.

Sports training program management

Managing your programs has never been easier with flexible registration & scheduling options for sports and fitness businesses.

Custom Event Types

The core engine of Upper Hand - tag and organize your programs how you want and see that consistency spread throughout the app. Filter on the calendar, in your events table, in reports, associate them with memberships, and more.

Seamless Event Creation

Use the same creation workflow to build new programs regardless of the type, with intuitive logic that allows you to customize all aspects.

Event-Specific Messaging

Quickly send messages to a program roster or a specific session's attendee list, or schedule them for a later time.

Customize Landing Pages

Customize your sign-up pages with images and detailed descriptions with a rich-text editor.

Sign-up Fields

Add required and optional fields to collect relevant information during sign-up like t-shirt size, emergency contacts, and more.

Registration software for events

Streamlined event creation for training programs, classes, camps and clinics, and other fixed events.

Flexible Dates & Times

Select your start date and watch the magic unfold. Choose to end on a specific date or after a number of sessions, set up repeating days, and add your events’ times. And for those one-off occurrences, add additional dates or blackout dates right on the calendar widget.

Robust Pricing Options

Choose from a variety of pricing options based on your registration needs. Set a price for the full program, allow clients to purchase single sessions at an optional premium, create recurring payment plans, and enable Dynamic Pricing to prorate the remaining sessions for late sign-ups.

Waitlists and Participant Restrictions

Define how many participants can register, ages allowed, and whether to allow a wait list once you’ve hit your max. Trigger emails to wait-listed clients when spots open up.

Staff & Resource Assignments

Select which staff members are working the program or view who’s available based on their personal schedules. Block out the facility resources to avoid double-booking headaches.

Appointment booking software

Flexible scheduling for one-on-one or group sessions, appointments, and other open booking events.

Customize Availability

Select the first date of the program’s availability and choose it to end on a certain date or indefinite. Set up custom time slots, repeating days, session durations, and date-specific parameters.

Eliminate Double-Booking

Add staff members to your program based on their availability and select whether clients can book with an individual staff member or have one assigned based on availability. Tie resources to your program to automatically block them out once booked.

Deadlines & Intervals

Define a scheduling deadline clients must book by and set a block of time between sessions to avoid last minute hiccups.

Credit Passes

Create credit passes, choose the programs clients can use to book, and set them to expire based on their purchase date, first use, or specific date.

Package Pricing

Incentivize clients to purchase multiple sessions by adding discounts for various packages.

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Sports membership management software

Grow recurring revenue by offering memberships that give clients access to discounts, recurring credits, retail perks, and more.

Program & Retail Discounts

Automate membership discounts on purchases associated with all or selected event types and retail product categories.

Recurring Sessions & Credits

Select the eligible event types, then chose a quantity to automate to members on a recurring basis. Choose to let them roll over to the next period or expire.

Exclusive Event Types

Offer member-only programs by choosing event types that are accessible only by clients with that membership.

Suspend or Cancel

Easily suspend or cancel memberships either immediately or at the end of their billing period. Set reactivation dates to resume their billing and benefits.

Send Invites & Reminders

Trigger marketing emails that lead clients directly to the membership sign-up page, plus reminders to those who've yet to take action.

Customizable Memberships

Make memberships public or "invite-only", set commitment lengths, and allow pre-sales.

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Sports facility management software

Eliminate double-booking and maximize ROI by streamlining resource scheduling and availability.

Location & Resource Association

Associate your resources with the physical locations you do business at.

Set Staff Preferences

Let staff set their preferred order of resources to be scheduled in, and when booked, the system will book them in the highest ranked resource available.

Customizable facility calendar

First industry calendar to overlay all staff, resource, and program availability in one view.

Custom Overlay & Default Views

Overlay any combination of your staff and resource availability for quick insight into what’s available. Save your views for later use and let your staff set their default.

Quick Schedule Modal

Double-click the desired time slot from the calendar and choose the client, your resource(s) and staff, and the program being booked. Choose their payment option - from a card on file, cash or check, or Pay Later.

Reschedule & Reassign

Easily reschedule a client's booked session or reassign the booked resource and staff right from the calendar.

Calendar Check-In

Track attendance and check-in clients right from the calendar.

Retail & inventory management for sports

Add and customize your retail products to transact online and in-person and track your inventory in real-time.

Customize Products & Variants

Create products, add images, set your prices and add variants like sizes, colors, and more. Further customize each variant with SKUs and barcodes.

Add Inventory Modal

Add inventory quantities and unit costs for your variants to track in real-time.

Order Tracking

Track your replenishing orders with your vendor and order details and have the new products automatically added to your inventory.

Quantity Triggers

Set up alerts to notify you when inventory is low and it's time to reorder.

Retail Categories

Assign products to retail categories toassociate with membership benefits and filter on in reports.

Inventory Insights

Adjust your ordering and pricing strategies by analyzing quantities and profit margins over certain time periods. Compare with historical data for better decision-making.

View What's Important

Customize your report's columns to see what you need. Toggle between fields like stock statuses, live quantities, units sold or returned, profits, and more.

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Payments software for youth sports

Fully integrated payment solution powered by UP Payments that enables transactions online and across the app and allows robust financial reporting.

Integrated Point of Sale

Integrated POS lets you sign-up, schedule, and transact from any device. Connect hand-point devices and other compatible hardware to extend your capabilities.

Track, Adjust, & Refund

View all transaction statuses, make adjustments to clients' scheduled payments, and issue full or partial refunds to a selected payment type.

Quick Discount & Coupon Codes

Apply a discount percentage or amount on the fly in POS. Create coupon codes and market them to clients to use for recurring transactions, one-time payments, or for a specified duration.

Quick-Pay Modal

Select their payment method from the various options you choose or select Pay Later which allows them to use any payment method at the time of the session. Choose to charge or remove sales taxes.

Auto Account Updater

Automatically update expired or replaced cards to avoid failed transactions.

Sales Details Reporting

Understand your clients purchasing tendencies with reports that show sales details by payment types, product types and retail categories, and online vs. in-store.

Compatible Hardware

Extend your front desk and payment capabilities with hardware options like hand-point devices, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

Fast Deposits

Get paid quickly with direct deposits every two days. Track the status of the withdrawals within the withdrawals report.

Accounting Codes

Create accounting codes that can be assigned to event types, memberships, credit passes, and retail for various accounting purposes.

Revenue Reporting

View total and cumulative revenue and transactions over time. Drill down using filters like location(s), date ranges, product types, and events to get micro-level insights.

Transaction Insights

Run transaction reports based on location(s), payment statuses, product details, transaction dates, and more.

Coach & staff management

Streamlined staff management that simplifies availability, eliminates double-booking, and puts payroll on autopilot.

Staff Availability & Program Association

Customize your staff's availability and add them to programs to track payroll and allow clients to schedule with them when available.


Create time tracking tasks for your staff when clocking-in and track their hours for payroll purposes.

Event-Level Payroll

Assign payroll rates to staff that are configured to specific programs. Choose to calculate payroll based on the percentage of revenue generated from the event, a flat rate, sessions booked, and more.

Hourly Payroll

Assign hourly rates to employees and calculate payroll based on hours worked over a time period.

Autopilot Payroll Reporting

View payroll entries over pay periods for each staff and drill down on clock-in tasks, events and sessions worked, client bookings, and more.

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Software for client management

Powerful contact management and marketing automation tools.

Contact Cards & Notes

Easily view contact date like purchases, booked sessions, and membership details on contact cards. Track progress and save important info via client notes that are accessible throughout the app.

Contact Maps

Run effective and targeted geo-marketing campaigns by viewing all contacts on a zoomable map. Filter clients by login timestamps or those that have never logged in.

Event & Group Messaging

Send or schedule branded messages to program registrants or created contact groups.

Contact Segmentation

Create contact groups to send marketing emails and other communication. Coming Soon: Smart Lists

Multi-Tenancy Profiles

Eliminate duplicate data by associating multiple parent and child profiles within one account.

Custom Waivers & Reporting

Upload your waiver for clients to accept and track acceptances and past due waivers within the waiver report.

Shared Cart & Reminders

Add products and programs to clients' shopping carts so they can complete checkout at a later time and trigger in-cart reminders.

Bulk Imports & Exports

Upload contact lists into your Upper Hand account with a downloadable .csv template. Export client data to use for other functions.

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