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easy Scheduling

Manage your calendar, staff, and resource availability with flexible event types that fit your needs.

Stay up-to-date

Book one, multiple, or repeat training sessions with your athletes, either in the app or in-person.

Process payments

Track attendance, set scheduling deadlines, and collect payments for all of your sessions.

Schedule sessions from anywhere, on any device

Empower clients to easily browse, book, and pay for sessions online or on the Upper Hand mobile app. Eliminate back-and-forth communications to boost conversion rates.

Basketball training app

Make adjustments on the fly

With the software at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily make adjustments such as adding a client to a clinic or sending a note to an upcoming class.

Securely collect payments on the go

Easily collect payments from clients who elected to “pay later” via a check or cash, or were a last-minute addition to the schedule.

Mobile App Features

Mobile Check-In

Quickly check your athletes into camps or practices from your mobile device.

Payment Flexibility

Collect and manage payments from anywhere.

Invite Clients

Send an invitation to the Upper Hand app from your mobile device.

Streamlined Communication

Make team communication easy with one place for updates, scheduling, and messaging.

Managed Profiles

Manage multiple athletes' schedules from one parent account. View upcoming sessions or make payments.

Online Booking

Make it easy for clients to view your schedule and book training sessions from the app.

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