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What is MRR, and why is it important?

Monthly Recurring Revenue, or simply “MRR”, is a normalized measure of a business’ predictable revenue that it expects to earn each month. It is arguably the most important revenue metric for subscription-based businesses.

By understanding their company’s MRR, business owners are able to:

  • Track the performance of their memberships over time
  • Forecast future sales performance
  • Have more concise budgets by knowing how much money is coming in each month
This resource contains pre-made templates for you to calculate MRR and Member Retention metrics!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Monthly Recurring Revenue

What is MRR?

MRR is a measure of your predictable revenue stream generated by customers on a monthly basis. It's a crucial metric for subscription-based and SaaS companies, indicating the health of the business and its revenue stability.

Why is MRR important?

MRR is important because it provides a clear view of your company's financial health, aids in forecasting future growth, and helps in making informed business decisions. It also simplifies the tracking of revenue trends over time.

How can I use MRR to improve my business?

Understanding your MRR can help you identify trends in customer behavior, such as growth in new subscriptions or an increase in churn. These insights allow you to adjust your business strategies, focus on customer retention, and plan for scalable growth.

What is the difference between MRR and ARR?

MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue, while ARR refers to Annual Recurring Revenue. MRR is a snapshot of your monthly income from subscriptions, while ARR projects that monthly revenue over a year to provide a broader view of your expected income.

Are there any best practices for improving MRR?

Focus on customer satisfaction and retention strategies, offer flexible subscription plans, upsell or cross-sell to existing customers, and minimize churn through proactive engagement. Regularly analyzing your MRR trends can also uncover opportunities for growth.

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