Marketing & Contact Management

Boost enrollments with marketing emails and build a loyal client community with member self-service tools that provide a premium scheduling experience with your business.

Court Booking App

Manage Contacts

Manage your clients, waivers, and registration forms from your fingertips.

Market Programs

Send targeted marketing emails for upcoming programs to boost signups and improve client engagement.

Elevate Client Experiences

Give power to your clients to book sessions, make payments, and view account information.


Connect with your clients.

Send custom messages and marketing emails to your clients directly through the Upper Hand software.

Boost enrollments with targeted messages

Increase signups and inform customers of new programs by sending customizable marketing emails to segmented contact groups.

marketing automation software

Run effective marketing campaigns

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients and optimize your marketing spend. Contact heat maps and detailed sales reports give you all of the insights to run targeted and compelling promotions.

Save time with waiver automation

Eliminate time spent on unnecessary in-person paperwork by allowing your clients to agree to your policies at account creation and checkout.

Experience clean, duplicate-free data

Finally manage your contacts with an accurate, duplicate-free database. With family-based accounts that allow multiple emails and profiles to be connected under one account, you’ll never have to hassle with incorrect and incomplete data again.

Marketing & Contact Management App Features

Upper Hand’s client-facing app removes scheduling friction between your clients and your business, increase enrollments, and saves you time.

Self-Service Member App

Each client has a login where they can browse programs, manage schedules, payment details and account info.

Automated Notifications

Clients receive text and email for notifications like booking confirmations, payments, & upcoming sessions.

Client Check-In

Get athletes through the door and to their sessions quicker with easy check-in options like QR codes.

Online & Mobile Scheduling

Let clients browse your schedule, filter programs, and enroll in training programs from anywhere.

Managed Profiles

Clients can manage scheduling and payments for multiple family members, keeping data clean and free of duplicates.

Shared Cart & Reminders

Add programs to clients’ shopping carts so they can complete checkout later.

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