Giving You and Your Clients the Upper Hand

We’re committed to helping both you and your clients be successful when growing your business on the Upper Hand software. We have a number of resources and tools available to help you gain the upper hand and successfully leverage your Upper Hand account.

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Support options are based on your plan.

Upper Hand University (UHU), the Knowledge Base, Email, Chat, and Phone Support are available to all customers and their clients. Click here to request a call.

Additional support options like 1:1 Education Meetings, Implementation Consultants, and Business Audits are available to all plans for an additional fee.

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Support Channels

How we Support You and Your Clients

UPLIFT Community

Join UPLIFT, our customers-only community for best practices and business advice.

Knowledge Base

Visit our Help Center for the most up-to-date walk-throughs and resources for all of our features.

Upper Hand University

Upper Hand University (UHU) is our online course-based learning platform to help you learn the ins and outs of the software.

Onboarding Resources

For those who'd prefer a one-on-one onboarding approach, take a look at our additional onboarding opportunities to find the tools that fit your needs.

The Playbook

Check out the Playbook, Upper Hand’s blog of business tips and best practices for sports business owners.

Business Audit

Retrain staff on new features, get new staff up to speed, or clean up old events and data with the help of a team.

Stay informed with instant updates on service disruptions and reliability.

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See something that doesn’t look quite right? Submit a ticket, and our engineering team will make things right.

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Submit product feedback or ideas for new functionality inside the software.

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Introducing Upper Hand University

Upper Hand University (UHU) is our customer success platform dedicated to helping you learn the software and feel comfortable setting up your business for success. Upon becoming an Upper Hand customer, you gain access to a number of courses to help you understand the various functionalities and different areas within Upper Hand.

Don't miss these additional resources!

Build a Customer Birthday Campaign (in 30 min or less)

Birthdays are a great opportunity to make your clients and customers feel special. Recognizing their big day shows that you care about them as more than just another face in your class, and can do a lot for client satisfaction!

Make your Mark with Marketing Emails

Customer loyalty stems from treating your clients like legends, so how can you give your clients an experience with your business that’s worth advocating for? One way to do this is to prioritize communication with your brand. This means making sure that the right events are put into the right hands…or inboxes.

Reduce Lost Revenue with Upper Hand
Failed Payments Happen: Here's How to Address Them

Being behind on one or two missed payments is like a small crack in the canoe – you’re staying afloat, but have reason to be concerned. A few more slowly trickle in and that small crack turns into a puddle of water. When the failed payments continue to pile up, your canoe (or business) begins to sink.