Make your Mark: Elevate your Client Experience with Marketing Emails

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How to Elevate your Client Experience with Marketing Emails

Everyone wants to feel like a VIP.

Customer loyalty stems from treating your clients like legends, so how can you give your clients an experience with your business that’s worth advocating for?

One way to do this is to prioritize communication with your brand. This means making sure that the right events are put into the right hands…or inboxes.

Today, we’ll walk you through how you can create positive experiences for your current clients by sending marketing emails within Upper Hand.

Let’s dive in!


How to send marketing emails with Upper Hand:

Here’s how to create and send event marketing emails with Upper Hand:

  1. Click on Events on the left navigation bar.
  2. Check the box on the left side of the event you’d like to market.
  3. Click the Action button in the top right corner of the page, then click View from the dropdown list.
  4. Click on the three dot menu.
  5. Select Send Marketing Email from the dropdown list.
  6. A pop up form will appear on the screen. Choose the date, time, and either contact groups or contacts that you would like to send an email to.
    • To send to all contacts, select “All Contacts” from the Contact Groups field.
  7. Click submit!


sending marketing emails with Upper Hand


Sending a marketing email will trigger a formatted email that pulls the information from the “marketing” tab of the event details. Clicking on the link within the email will send clients directly to the specific event details page where they can sign up and get excited for your event.


Tool Tip: You can create contact groups to further segment your clients by gender, age, sport, skill level, or however you categorize your offerings. For more information on creating contact groups, check out this help article.



3 ways to use event-level email marketing to boost your client experience:

1. Share “direct access” to upcoming events

One way to engage your current and longtime athletes is to share upcoming events directly with them. Rather than browsing through your events page within Upper Hand, you can direct them to a specific camp, clinic or offering. This will reduce some barriers to entry (like navigating to your website or browsing through all of your offerings), by sending an email directly to their inbox with all of the event details.


2. Send targeted event emails to the right clients

Make it easy for your athletes to find the offerings that are the best fit for them. For example, if you are hosting a middle school girls basketball skills camp, send a marketing email to all of your middle school girls basketball players that invites them to register for the event.

By tailoring your communication to events that matter to your athletes and their goals, you will show them that you care about their development. Additionally, this provides an opportunity to re-engage any athletes that may not have trained with your business for a while (which we’ll talk about next!). The added bonus for you – more engagement, more event sign ups, and more revenue.


3. Re-engage inactive clients

You may also consider utilizing marketing emails to re-engage some of your one-off or inactive athletes. These groups of people may not regularly check your website to sign up for your new offerings. So, through sending marketing emails to your contact list, you can re-engage some of those athletes and encourage them to become repeat visitors of your business.


Overall, the name of the game here is to reduce barriers to entry and make it easy for your clients to purchase your offerings! By sending marketing emails for upcoming events, you can help share the exciting news of your offerings, encourage sign ups, and create positive, user-friendly experiences with your brand.


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Courtney Kerr
Courtney Kerr
Courtney serves as Marketing Manager at Upper Hand.

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