Integrated Payments

Customizable billing and POS software that helps manage payments more efficiently and provides deep insights for better decision-making.

integrated payment software

Transact from anywhere

Accept payments on any device so no matter where the day takes you - from on the field or at the front desk - you can manage your finances in one seamless experience.

mobile payments
integrated payments

Fully integrated experience

With payment actions like Quick-Pay and Pay Balance integrated throughout the app, Upper Hand makes managing payments a breeze. From checking your calendar to viewing reports, all of the payment tools you need are right at your fingertips.

Stronger insights today, better decisions tomorrow

Gain a better understanding of your customers and the overall financial health of your business. Track outstanding balances, analyze sales trends, and balance your books with intelligent reports.

Financial reporting

Safe and Secure

Run your business worry-free with the latest payment technologies and a support team that's dedicated to your success.

Fraud Management

State-of-the-art Risk Rules Engine works 24/7 to prevent fraud. Plus a dedicated Risk Rules Team is on hand to support your needs.


Tokenization secures credit card data and restricts fraudulent usage, while Risk Solutions ensures your business is PCI compliant and secure.

Chargeback Management

Smart Dispute system and a dedicated chargeback team makes sure that deadlines are met and chargebacks are resolved.

Flexible billing options

From auto-renewal memberships and credit passes to payment plans and single-session pricing, Upper Hand lets you configure exactly how you'd like clients to pay for your programs.

Uninterrupted billing

Eliminate the need to request info from customers when cards expire.

Prevent cancellations

Reduce risk of subscription churn with automatic card detail updates.

Enhanced experience

Reduce negative client experiences associated with card declines.

Easy implementation

Account updater is integrated directly into UP Payment's gateway.

Reduce churn and save money

Maintain an uninterrupted revenue stream with a built-in account updater. Automatically update credit card holder details like expiration dates, contact details, and card numbers to prevent failing payments.

The Ultimate Checkout Experience

Configure your front desk experience with UP Payments POS and hardware integrations.

payment software

Simplify your processing

Experience industry-low transaction rates thanks to UP Payments, our in-house processor, powered by Paysafe.

More sports and fitness payment features

Payment Methods

Get paid how you'd like by selecting which payment options you'd like to offer your customers.

Accounting Codes

Categorize your programs, memberships, and retail items for tax and accounting purposes.

Royalty Management

Manage franchise royalties and fees however you want - and move it faster than anyone in the market.

Coupon Codes

Create one-time and recurring coupon codes with specific duration settings to promote to your customers.


Easily apply on-the-go percentage and flat amount discounts when transacting via point of sale.

Fluid Payments

Generate more cash upfront by allowing clients to pay down balances for larger payments over time.

A reinvented financial platform, engineered for growth.

Learn how the UP Financial Suite can be configured to your unique billing needs.

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Staff & Payroll

Automate payroll and simplify staff scheduling.

Contact Marketing

Manage your contacts and promote your programs.

Experience the new way of doing business

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