Manage your sports teams with Upper Hand.


Upper Hand’s team management feature empowers coaches to manage all aspects of their team. This means you can spend more time perfecting your game plan, and less time managing registrations, organizing schedules, and tracking finances.

Team Management by Upper Hand

Operational efficiency

Handle all of the daily and seasonal aspects of managing a youth sports team — rosters, waivers, payment, and more — from one central platform.

Schedule Management

Dynamic scheduling tools allow you to set and manage practice schedules for multiple teams, ensuring coaches and players are well-informed and prepared.

Streamlined communication

Create a cohesive team environment by streamlining communication that facilitates easy sharing of team updates, messages, and schedules

payment flexibility

Effortlessly oversee team finances with integrated payment tracking, that helps you maintain financial clarity.


Manage your sports teams in one place.

You’ll finally have the ability to manage your team practices and rosters in tandem with other program offerings. Take a look at Upper Hand’s NEW Team Management functionality!

Manage rosters at your fingertips

Collect online registrations, athlete waivers, and team payments through the Upper Hand app. Create dynamic schedules for multiple teams’ practices, message a team roster, and coordinate staff and coaching all within one easy to use platform.

Simplify your team communication

Our team management platform makes it easy for you, your coaches, and your athletes/ parents to stay on top of schedules and other team updates. Message your roster from the app, set up automated event reminders, and share additional program opportunities with your contacts.

Increase payment flexibility to protect your revenue

Effortlessly oversee your team’s finances with integrated payment tracking. Collect team dues at the time of registration, create payment plans that empower clients to pay in installments over the course of a season, and view financial reports to stay on top of your business health.

Sports Team Management Software

Features to help you run your teams like the pro you are.

Roster Management

Handle all of the daily and seasonal aspects of managing your sports team's roster from one central platform.

Payment Flexibility

Offer different payment plans and pricing options to your athletes and parents that fit their needs and budget.

Streamlined Communication

Streamline communication through a centralized platform, facilitating easy sharing of team updates, messages, and schedules.

Mobile Access

Take all aspects of your team on the go with the Upper Hand mobile app.

Waiver Collection

Collect athlete waivers digitally as clients register for their team.

Multi-Schedule Management

Set and manage practice schedules for multiple teams.

“My clients like how easy Upper Hand is–it’s just a couple of clicks. They go into Upper Hand and can pick a date and time. They also get email reminders about sessions and payments.”
Adron Tennell
Owner, Tennell Elite Training
“The registration process should almost run itself. If no one has to contact me or anyone from my team to talk about any of that process, then it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Rarely will a parent reach out to me regarding the Upper Hand software. And, if they do contact support, it gets handled for them.”
Mike Radja
Owner, SpeedSkills Hockey

Coach more, admin less

Team Management is coming soon to Upper Hand. Join the interest list to be the first to hear about updates.