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"If I had to manage my groups on my own, it would be a nightmare. I probably wouldn't even do it. Upper Hand has been a huge piece of that puzzle."

Upper Hand has helped Ruggiero Hitting seamlessly shift their business model to prioritize semi-private and small group lessons.

"Upper Hand helps me get through my day. It manages our time, it manages our space, I mean, it really does everything.

D-BAT Newark wins “Fast Start” award after seeing 271% membership growth and 106% revenue growth in year one with Upper Hand.

"Now, we can have a new program up and running in 10 minutes with Upper Hand."

With Upper Hand, EYG Basketball has grown their athlete base to 2,500 and saved over 10 hours per week on administrative tasks.

speedskills hockey
Hockey Academy Regains 5-10 Hours Per Week, Adds New Programming

Read how SpeedSkills Hockey got back to the basics by investing recouped time into their athletes and programming.

House of Hustle
Sports Facility Implements Memberships, Expands Revenue Streams

Read how House of Hustle unlocked new revenue opportunities with Upper Hand.

Silver Sluggers Returns to Upper Hand to Accelerate Growth

Read how Silver Sluggers Increased athlete retention rates and improved revenue metrics after moving back onto Upper Hand.

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"Everything I do runs through Upper Hand. It's been honestly the single best thing we've done because changes are easy to make and all of our customer information is managed... I know who has what credits... it's just been unbelievable."
Mike Radja
Owner, SpeedSkills Hockey
"Integrating Upper Hand into our business infrastructure has completely transformed the way Special Teams Football Academy operates. The customizable, online registration has simplified the process on our end and provided a positive experience for our clients, which has helped build our brand tremendously."​
Chris Husby
Owner, Special Teams Football Academy
“I really like the fact that a parent can go in and make one family profile, and all they have to do is add their kids to it. Each time they log in, they are able to select one class for one kid and another class for a different kid, versus having to log in to multiple accounts. It keeps everything user friendly."
Louis Whitlow
Owner, The Compound 256
"Upper Hand is the first thing I check every morning to make sure that our coaches are on the schedule at the right time and at the right place. I've gotten to the point where they've gotten to the point where they use it so well that they don't need me anymore. They're on the app as much as I am."
Brad Woodall
Owner, Silver Sluggers Academy
"Great for lessons. Upper Hand has made it very easy for our clients to book lessons and apply credits from bulk packages. Also made it easier for instructors to see who scheduled lessons with them. Instead of waiting for an email from our training director."
Natasha Hernandez
GM, Thunder Lacrosse LLC
"We've really enjoyed the experience with Upper Hand's staff and software. Every interaction has been friendly, engaging, informational, professional, and super helpful. We can't compliment the staff we've worked with enough, as they have been instrumental in making us feel comfortable about our decision to use their software, as well as their services. Very happy we made this decision!"
Sean Stevinson
Owner, Rock Creek Curling

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Easiest page lay-out
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Easiest page lay-out, easiest sign-up for account, and easiest check-out procedure!! Highly recommend!!
Clear Directions!
Read More
It was great! Easy to follow and clear directions on inputting parent info vs participant info. Detailed summary/review after so there is no confusion as to what time and which location to report to.
Easy to use!
Read More
I like being able to see what is offered all in one place! Makes it easy to schedule things!
Easy to navigate
Read More
Easy to navigate. I like who the kids profile shows up making it easy to add classes based on kiddo.
Very intuitive interface
Read More
Very intuitive interface, well designed, easy to navigate. Just what you want when you want to sign up for something quickly and move on.
Easy-breezy navigation
Read More
This was one of the most user-friendly services I've used to date. Thanks for keeping it simple. Good work!
So easy for registering!
Read More
Using Upper Hand to register my son for camp was so easy and convenient! Great user interface that make registering quick.
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Upper Hand is very intuitive to navigate, an excellent user experience!
Registration for goalie camp
Read More
The registration process was easy and seamless!
Easy to Register for Sports
Read More
Easy to Register for Sports I used this site to register multiple players for sports. It was easy to use and select choices for each one. Orders show up as tiles and are easy to find and edit in-cart. Thanks
Easiest signup ever
Read More
My son has been involved with multiple sports organizations and using this website to sign up for a clinic has been the easiest process to date.
Easy to Understand Registration Program
Read More
The registration was incredibly easy. The website was organized. Communication to my email was quick. Payment was seamless. I didn't recognize any problems with the software. Everything made sense and was easy to understand.
Great app
Read More
Great App. Easy to use great way to communicate with our facility. A+.
V User Friendly
Read More
Very user friendly!! Made the scheduling of my son's sessions very easy!!
Efficient and convenient
Read More
Appts are easy to book, it’s quick and convenient. I like that I can make payments and book the appts right away. The follow up email is great too.

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