Upper Hand Named Top Fitness Software Provider by Capterra

Upper Hand announced today that it has been named a top membership management software product by Capterra, an online service that helps organizations find the right software. Upper Hand was

Upper Hand’s Management Software Helps Sports and Fitness Businesses Gain a Competitive Edge

Learn why Upper Hand built its management software to help sports and fitness organizations manage and scale their businesses. With Upper Hand, organizations in the sports and fitness sector can

Emerging Technologies that are Disrupting the World of Sports

Learn what emerging sports technology Myles Grote, Chief Product Officer, has been monitoring at Upper Hand. I've been very excited to see how much success and as a result, capital,

The Ins and Outs of Membership Analytics

In this edition of The Huddle, we outline some tips and tricks for getting the most out of our latest feature, Membership Analytics. Our Monthly Recurring Revenue graph is a

Introducing Membership Analytics by Upper Hand

Gain full visibility into your recurring revenue with insights that empower accelerated membership and bottom-line growth. With all-new membership analytics, Staff Admins can finally understand the specific factors that contribute

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How to Predict Monthly Recurring Revenue (Examples + MRR Calculator)

MRR, or Monthly Recurring Revenue, is the sum of recurring revenue that you generate month over month. Recurring revenue is income that you can expect to collect on a regular

Data, Analytics, and Insights: Why Lacking All Three Is Costing You

Learn the difference between data, analytics, and insights, and more importantly, how using all three can accelerate business growth. With a foundation of solid data, you can use analytics and

Alternatives to Participation Trophies in Sports

Recently, the topic of participation trophies, the physical trophy awarded to youth athletes for participating in their sports program, league or organization, has been a topic of divisive debate. So

Fixed Events vs Open Booking Events: Which Are Right For You?

In our latest edition of The Huddle, we outline the differences between fixed events and open booking events with Upper Hand. A key difference between fixed and open booking events

Data is the future of the industry. And it’s already here.

Learn how Upper Hand views competition, and how we are leveraging data to help our customers make smarter business decisions. At Upper Hand, we’ve talked a lot about how digital

NEW: Introducing Membership Analytics by Upper Hand

Because you don't need to be a fortune teller to forecast your revenue.