3 Client Retention Tips for Sports and Fitness Businesses

fitness client retention

Fitness and sports businesses’ goal is to influence customers to come back for more. Fantastic classes and lessons naturally retain customers. That’s why it’s vital to ace your class structure. Clients will be willing to spend their time and money at your facility if they find tremendous value in your unique offerings. Start early on perfecting the class experience. Make clients feel well prepared before they ever show up—you can use email marketing to remind them what to bring, what to wear, and what is provided by your staff.

Member Experience: Is Self-Service the New Full-Service?

Fitness Studio Member Experience

With screens allowing clients and members to do everything from obtaining initial information about a gym or studio, registering for classes, and checking in at the location, the need for personalized, face-to-face communication is vastly diminished. It’s more obvious now than ever, in the midst of a pandemic that has forced would-be gym goers to stay home, that many of the things we previously accomplished in a facility or studio can be done without personalized interaction with instructors or front-desk staff members. We live in a world of instant gratification, and on-demand is what the world now expects.

5 Signs it’s Time to Switch Fitness Software Platforms

Fitness software for billing and studio management

For owners and operators of fitness studios, clubs, and gyms, having a flexible fitness software to manage daily operations is imperative to driving growth. A great gym and fitness management software should relieve you of tedious administrative work and provide an integrated way to manage all aspects of your business. Here are four signs that you should look into finding a new software for your fitness studio.

How Boutique Fitness Has Evolved into the New Standard for Workplace Wellness

Boutique Fitness Workplace Wellness

Starting in the 1920s, the boutique fitness studio market has seen unprecedented growth and a new breakthrough. What was once accessible through local studios is now available on-demand at home, work, and on the road. This shift has led boutique fitness to become a new standard in workplace wellness and employee benefits.