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5 Signs it’s Time to Switch Fitness Software Platforms

Fitness software for billing and studio management
For owners and operators of fitness studios, clubs, and gyms, having a flexible fitness software to manage daily operations is imperative to driving growth. A great gym and fitness management software should relieve you of tedious administrative work and provide an integrated way to manage your registrations and scheduling, accept a variety of payment types with various billing options, manage memberships, run advanced reports, and manage retail and inventory. Without a fitness software that handles these tasks and more, sports and fitness business owners lose out on opportunities to truly focus on the growth of their business. However, even if your current fitness business software platform checks all these boxes, is that enough? If your software isn’t truly powering your business and empowering your staff and clients, it may be time to think about switching to Upper Hand. Here are 5 common reasons we see fitness studios move to Upper Hand from other systems like Mindbody, ClubReady, Vagaro, and Club Automation, among others.

5 Reasons to Switch Fitness Software Platforms

Your current software isn’t constantly innovating.

The sports and fitness industry is innovating at lightning speed. With the rapidity at which the boutique fitness and sports industries are expanding, your Fitness Club Billing Software should be continuously releasing features that help you manage and capitalize on the new opportunities for growth. At Upper Hand, innovation is more than just pushing new features. We rely on feedback from our customers who are working in the industry every day to inspire our newest features and updates. With quarterly innovation calls with industry professionals, we can ensure that our software provides every opportunity for growth and success for sports and fitness businesses. sports scheduling software and registration

Your current gym and fitness management software makes it hard to guarantee staff and resource availability.

Being able to definitively schedule lessons, classes, and other events should be a no-brainer for any sports and fitness business. But when your fitness software requires toggling between various staff and resource calendars, double-booking is bound to happen – and when your software leads to double-booked staff and rooms, it’s time to find a new fitness studio management software. Upper Hand includes an integrated calendar that allows your front desk to scan the availability for open staff, facility resources, and studios at a glance so you’ll never worry about double-booking and lost revenue again.

Your current fitness software isn’t user-friendly.

For sports and fitness businesses, it can be difficult to retain front desk staff. Training new employees on your software can be a time-consuming and ultimately dangerous process. It can lead to a slow learning curve and loss of revenue, especially when software is complicated and requires users to discern the functions of dozens of tabs and complex features. A Fitness Studio Software should save your team time and energy, but when it requires a long onboarding process, it does the opposite. Upper Hand’s software is built for the 21st century, providing a truly streamlined approach to managing sports and fitness businesses in a modern and sleek interface.

Your current gym and fitness management software crashes.

If your current fitness software crashes, it’s time to switch. Slow loading times and down apps lead to a loss of revenue and waste of resources, period. Upper Hand is built on a modern, secure, and auto-scaling framework that is used by companies like AirBnB, ZenDesk, SoundCloud, Shopify, and more. Don’t settle for a broken system when Upper Hand is a solution that you can rely on.

Your current fitness club billing software isn’t personal.

Your brand is everything to the success of your business. It’s what keeps members and clients coming back, and it is the backbone of the values and standards of your business. You put time and effort into building this brand that supports the culture and community at your studio or facility, and your software should be an effortless extension of your business. If, on your business’ site, clients and members are constantly redirected to your software’s site for registration and scheduling, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity for business branding. Rather than providing you an integrated widget that redirects visitors to your scheduling software’s site (which often creates a poor client experience), Upper Hand allows you to brand your registration and scheduling pages, and can be housed within your current website. Don’t settle for a fitness software that doesn’t meet your needs. Get in touch with our team to learn how Upper Hand can help your business. SCHEDULE A DEMO
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