The Role of Sports in a Time of Crisis

Sports in a Time of Crisis

There’s an old cliche that many powerful stories start with. “Do you remember when?” The simple question freezes moments in time, placing them on a pedestal and subjecting them to reinterpretation, discussion, and, perhaps most importantly, reliving. Rarely do we recognize their importance in our present lives; maybe that’s why we spend so much time reminiscing on the past and anticipating the future. But every so often, an instance comes around that is immediately recognizable as an inflection point in all of our lives. March 2020 has undeniably brought forth one of those moments. 

Guide to On-Demand and At-Home Fitness Classes and Workouts

At-Home Workouts

With gyms and fitness centers temporarily closing their doors nationwide, many of us are beginning to redefine how we get our exercise. On-demand and at-home workouts are more prevalent than ever, with a booming number of fitness services offering recorded and live-streamed workouts, as well as comprehensive programs available to download.

2020 NBA All-Star Weekend Recap & Highlights

NBA All-Star Game 2020

The 2020 NBA All-Star festivities were some of the most exciting in recent memory. Over three nights, we saw Trae Young and Luka Doncic shine in the Rising Stars Game, a big man win the Skills Challenge, a memorable dunk contest, and a successfully revamped All-Star Game. Here are the highlights of the weekend.

2020 NBA All-Star Game Preview: New Rules and Format

NBA All-Star Game Changes

The biggest storylines surrounding this year’s All-Star Game are not about the players or contests, but about the format and structure of the game. The league altered the format of the game, factoring in donations to charities and homages to Kobe Bryant, and making changes to the scoring system and running clock. Here is the full list of NBA All-Star Game new rules.

Mamba Forever: A Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Mamba Forever

It has been a week since the tragic helicopter crash in Southern California that killed 9 passengers, among them Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. As the shock, confusion, and disbelief continue, we look back at one of the most inspiring competitors in recent memory.

How Two Businesses Leveraged Upper Hand to Increase Revenue and Client Base

Two baseball businesses grew revenue with Upper Hand

In an ideal world, the majority of time spent operating a sports training business would be on developing clients. Unfortunately this scenario rarely represents real life, and many business owners find themselves spending most of their time doing admin work. Recently, Upper Hand has helped two similar businesses not just escape this vortex but also see immediate results in revenue and new clientele.

4 Highlights from the 2019 World Series

Washington Nationals World Series Champs

It has been a week since the Washington Nationals captured their first-ever World Series title, defeating the Houston Astros in seven games. After the initial onslaught of reactions, we took some time to highlight key takeaways from the Nationals historic, unexpected, and memorable run through the 2019 season.

An Overview for Tracking and Using NPS in the Sports and Fitness Industry

If you are the owner of a sports training facility, yoga studio, or other business in the sports and fitness industry, then no doubt you understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation among your customer base. However, you may wonder how you can best determine the overall level of customer satisfaction with your service, and how to act on that information. Net Promoter Score (also known as NPS) can provide a key piece to that puzzle.

NFL Season Takeaways: Week 5

We waited nearly seven months for this NFL season. And just like that, we’re already a month into the season. Read our thoughts on the roles of backup players, new game rulings, and the future of football, and be sure to let us know if you agree or disagree with our takeaways.

New Apps, Wearables and VR: How Gamification has Transformed Fitness

Recently, the fitness industry has begun to capitalize on the widespread love for competition-based games, and fitness gamification creatively infuses the popular elements of competitive video games into workouts. With new apps, wearables, and virtual reality, gamification has allowed fitness to tap into new consumer markets and increase fitness activity.