How to Keep your Sports Training Business Thriving Year-Round

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Running a sports training business comes with its seasonal highs and lows. Perhaps as kids return to school, you notice the demand for programs dips. Or, maybe you notice fluctuations in clientele or revenue that align with holidays, weather, or the local school calendar. While every sport and training experience is different, you may naturally…

16 Creative Name Ideas for your Sports Training Membership Tiers

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Creating a compelling membership program is not just about the benefits you offer. It’s also about how you present those offerings. The names you choose for your members or membership tiers can significantly impact how appealing they are to potential clients. And, it can help you convey the value of the offerings, encouraging people to commit to your memberships.

Why We Built This: Introducing Tiered Memberships

You told us that it would be helpful to manage your memberships in one place, especially when offering different membership levels or payment cadences. You also shared that it can be hard for clients to compare different membership benefits – whether because they’re overwhelmed by so many options or are struggling to see which benefits are the best fit for their needs.
Say hello to all-new Tiered Memberships!

8 Ways to Nurture your Sports Business’s Brand Identity

Building a robust brand identity requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Whether you’re a small sports business or an established company, there are various ways to enhance and nurture your brand. Here are 8 strategies to help you develop and maintain a compelling brand that resonates with your target clientele and drives business growth.

Are you Teaching these 5 Things at your Sports Training Business?

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When it comes to youth sports training, it’s easy to focus on the physical and technical aspects of your game. However, as coaches, it’s imperative to go beyond these basics to foster well-rounded athletes. Here are 5 things you should be teaching your sports training business.

Innovation Issue: Upper Hand Product Update May 2024

With our headquarters in Indianapolis, May is always an exciting month for our city. Last month was also busy and exciting for Upper Hand. We welcomed new faces to our team, and have continued to make updates to our product to improve you and your clients’ experiences. Here’s an inside look at what’s new to our sports scheduling app, and a sneak peak at what’s coming soon!

Meet the Newest Faces of Upper Hand

Valeria Castillo, Evan Chung, Harshwardhan Patil, Trishita Dhara

As we head into another summer, we’re excited to extend a warm welcome to the latest additions to our Upper Hand team! Meet Valeria Castillo, Harshwardhan Patil, Trishita Dhara, and Evan Chung!

At Upper Hand, we believe in the power of bringing in fresh perspectives that continue to improve our product and our brand, and we’re excited to see what each of these individuals can bring to our team.

11 Best Practices for Running a Successful Pro Shop

Deciding to manage a pro shop at your sports facility isn’t just about selling products; it’s an opportunity to deepen your brand’s impact and enhance your client experience. Not to mention, the added revenue can help to give your business a boost. Whether you’re looking to sell branded merchandise, sport-specific equipment, or even recovery fuel or snacks, a pro shop can provide significant value and turn into a profitable revenue stream.

Sports Coaching Apps are Changing the Game for Sports Businesses. Here’s how.

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Technology is transforming nearly every aspect of our lives. Sports are no exception. The integration of advanced tools and apps into sports coaching has changed how coaches and athletes interact, train, and achieve their goals. For sports business owners, embracing these technological advancements is essential to stay ahead of the game and provide athletes with a competitive edge.

How to Connect with your Athletes through Storytelling

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For coaches and sports business owners, your story can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. The most successful coaches will use their story, and the stories of their athletes, to their advantage. How can you use storytelling to grow your business and your brand?