7 Tips to Improve your Youth Sports Camp Payment Collection

Camps are a big revenue driver for many sports facilities and training academies. And for good reason. But, they’re only successful monetarily if you’re able to collect that revenue. So, how can you improve your youth sports camp payment collection process to make it easy for parents to register their athletes and for you to stay on top of your business and finances. Here are 7 tips to improve youth sports camp payment collection.

7 Tips to Plan the Perfect Sports Lesson (+ Free Templates!)

Crafting effective sports lessons goes beyond just the technical knowledge you can provide. With a great sports lesson plan, you can move beyond just the technical knowledge you provide to create a learning experience that resonates with your athletes.

Things to Think About Before Offering a New Sports Program

If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow your business without expanding your physical footprint, a new program or offering may be a good option for you. As you expand or hone in on your target demographic, bring in additional staff, or get new equipment or technology at your sports facility, it may be the right time to consider adding additional programming to your schedule.

How Should I Price My Sports Lessons?

5 must-do’s when deciding on sports lesson pricing that will keep you competitive without undercutting the value of your expertise. A good first step when determining your sports lesson pricing is…

How to Craft a Sports Business Mission Statement (with examples!)

A key component of any business is a mission statement. Think of your mission statement as your north star. It helps you effectively communicate your business goals to all of your stakeholders, from your staff to your clients. Crafting a compelling mission statement is more than just a formality for business owners. It’s a foundational set that can guide the direction and success of your facility or academy. Whether you’re beginning to start your own business or your business plan could use a refresh, here’s how you can craft the perfect mission statement that guides your business.