Upper Hand: a More Intuitive and User-Friendly eSoft Planner Alternative

eSoft Planner is a scheduling and management software that offers flexibility and affordability for businesses. However, many users find it outdated, expensive, and lacking in functionality. For a more intuitive and user-friendly alternative, choose Upper Hand.

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Why choose Upper Hand over eSoft Planner?

eSoft Planner’s cons include:

  • Limited payment options and inability to charge for no shows
  • Poor mobile experience
  • High software price and additional fees
  • Slow development of new features
  • Lack of responsive design

Upper Hand addresses these issues and provides an improved experience for both businesses and their clients.

The Paradox of Choice

With so much you can do with eSoft Planner, most users find themselves overwhelmed when they get started.

You can set up your schedules, client management, or marketing campaigns in so many different ways, it adds stress and complexity just figuring out the correct way to use it.

This is the paradox of choice. The more options you have, the harder it is to make a decision, and the less satisfied you are with any decision you make.

You’re better off with a tool that’s customizable enough to fit your brand, but doesn’t require hours to figure out how to set up.

"Our trainers have to block off a cage in order to put in their availability. I wish the trainers could have their availability posted without having it take up several blocks of time. I'd like to have multiple trainers available at a certain time, but if I do that, then each trainer would have to be booked in their own cage, and that just doesn't seem efficient."
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Effortless and seamless scheduling and registration

Upper Hand simplifies the process of scheduling and managing appointments, classes, and rentals. With an easy-to-use interface, clients can quickly book sessions while businesses can efficiently manage their schedules. Upper Hand's mobile app ensures both clients and staff members can access their schedules on any device.

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Transparent and affordable pricing

❌ eSoft planner’s pricing is dependent on a number of factors, from number of clients to services you offer. And, some users have reported issues with hidden fees.

✅ With transparent and competitive pricing, Upper Hand offers a cost-effective solution without sacrificing functionality or user experience.

How does Upper Hand compare to eSoft Planner?

eSoft Planner is an outdated platform with limited functionality, a poor mobile experience, and cross-industry functionality.

If you’re looking for a powerful scheduling and management tool that was built by sports coaches to make sports training easier with a mobile-friendly experience and continuous development of new features, Upper Hand is the perfect alternative to eSoft Planner.

With transparent pricing and top-notch customer support, Upper Hand provides sports facilities with a reliable and efficient solution to grow and succeed. Try Upper Hand today and experience the difference for yourself.

Upper Hand

eSoft Planner

All-inclusive pricing with access to all features and unlimited clients.
Full functionality for businesses and clients across all devices.
Family account management and managed profile capabilities.
Client facing mobile app with full functionality.
Ongoing support for both businesses and their clients.
Designed specifically sports facilities and athlete training academies.
Memberships with automated benefits.

Here's what our ideal customer looks like

Upper Hand is ideal for sports facilities of any size looking for a clean, intuitive tool for managing their business. It’s easy enough to use for any non-technical person to handle it quickly and it’s affordable enough that anyone can fit it into their monthly budget.

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Thinking about switching to Upper Hand? Here are some common questions.

Where do I learn more about Upper Hand?

If you’re interested in learning more about Upper Hand’s sports facility management software, there are several options available to you. Here, you’ll find information about the features and benefits of our software for sports facilities. Check out our 90 second walk-through to get a look under the hood. If you’d like to see our software in action, you can request a demo and a member of our team will be in touch.

How does pricing work?

Upper Hand is a great eSoft planner alternative because of the transparent pricing and all-inclusive feature set. With Upper Hand comes full access to all features – from scheduling & registration, to memberships, to resource management, a mobile app, and more. You can explore Upper Hand’s sports facility features here.

When should you use eSoft Planner?

If you are looking for a tool that is tailored more towards a self-service business model, eSoft Planner may be a good fit for you. With a very limited client-facing side, this app is more ideal for sports facilities who would like their clients to view available spaces to rent. On the other hand if your business model is centered around lessons, camps, clinics, rentals, or similar services, Upper Hand is a better eSoft Planner alternative. Upper Hand offers a streamlined and intuitive solution that is easy to use for both businesses and their athletes, with more affordable and transparent pricing.

What kind of support does Upper Hand provide?

Upper Hand provides support not only to you and your team of staff, but to your clients as well. Check out our library of help articles, videos, and guided walkthroughs. Email and chat support is also available to answer specific concerns. Additionally, you will gain access to our Education Team, who can help you apply the software features to your business. At Upper Hand, we want to see you succeed, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

700+ of the top sports facilities and training academies use Upper Hand.


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