Upper Hand vs. Sports Engine

Sports scheduling software is a critical tool for growing sports facilities and training academies. But, how do you decide which software is best for your business? Below, you can compare Upper Hand with SportsEngine.

Can you run your business your way?

SportsEngine offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines registration and management for sports clubs, teams, and leagues. There’s a lot you can do with SportsEngine, but figuring out how to use the platform to manage your offerings becomes a project of its own.

SportsEngine’s features mirror what you can do with Upper Hand – managing schedules and teams, communicating with clients, managing your online presence, and analyzing performance and finances with powerful reports.

SportsEngine is a great option for running teams and leagues, but it can become limited if you run many different programs. For example, you do not have the option to schedule lessons or manage memberships on SportsEngine. Furthermore, it’s user interface is outdated and can be a hassle. Upper Hand is a great SportsEngine alternative.

Run your business your way with a SportsEngine alternative

With a very niche focus, SportsEngine users often struggle to set up all of their programs with just this one platform. That often leads to the need for another software, making an already pricey investment even more expensive.

You’re better off with a SportsEngine alternative that’s customizable enough to fit your brand, but doesn’t require hours to figure out how to set up.

Everything I have questions about they give me a standard "we do not have that capability" answer. They make decisions based on what they want (easy) versus what would be best for their customer.
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Upper Hand empowers you to configure your programs your way

SportsEngine's pricing is complex and expensive.

How does Upper Hand compare to SportsEngine?

SportsEngine offers similar functionality when it comes to team and club management, but it lacks the flexibility that Upper Hand has within its app.

For a start, you need to subscribe to one of their higher plans to access advanced features. And a quick scan of their user reviews suggests that the software is clunky and buggy, negatively impacting the client experience.

Here's what our ideal customer looks like

Upper Hand is ideal for sports facilities, academies, and clubs of any size looking for a clean, intuitive tool for managing their business. It’s easy enough to use for any non-technical person to handle it quickly and it’s affordable enough that anyone can fit it into their monthly budget.

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Thinking about switching to Upper Hand? Here are some common questions.

Where do I learn more about Upper Hand?

If you’re interested in learning more about Upper Hand’s sports facility management software, there are several options available to you. Here, you’ll find information about the features and benefits of our software for sports facilities. Check out our interactive product tours to get a look under the hood. If you’d like to see a personalized walkthrough of the software, you can request a demo and a member of our team will be in touch.

How does pricing work?

Upper Hand is a great SportsEngine alternative because of the transparent pricing and features. With Upper Hand comes full access to all features – from scheduling & registration, to memberships, to team management, a mobile app, and more. You can explore Upper Hand’s sports facility features here.

When should you use SportsEngine?

If you are a club that is heavily focused on leagues and tournaments, SportsEngine is a better fit for you. However, if your primary focus is team management, or you offer additional training opportunities through camps or lessons, Upper Hand is a superior alternative. With Upper Hand, you can schedule your events, send marketing emails, manage staff and resources, and much more. And, Upper Hand offers more affordable pricing.

What kind of support does Upper Hand provide?

Upper Hand provides support not only to you and your team of staff, but to your clients as well. We have a library of help articles, videos, and guided walkthroughs. Email and chat support is also available to answer specific concerns. Additionally, you will gain access to our Education Team, who can help you apply the software features to your business. At Upper Hand, we want to see you succeed, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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