Run your dojo like a pro.

Upper Hand is the leader in karate management software, helping dojos of all sizes grow their business.

Martial Arts Software

Karate Management Software


Easily create recurring classes, clinics, or programs with a seamless sign up process.

payment processing

Collect payments via credit card, check, cash, and more.


Create memberships that can include lesson credits, program discounts, and retail perks.

Facility management

Manage your booked and available spaces in real-time.

Staff management

Let staff manage their availability and automate payroll calculations.

contact marketing

Send emails to your client database to market new programs.

Build out class registrations

Easily build out your schedules that can be configured to your program needs. From classes to training programs and workshops, build out your registration so that it fits the way you run your dojo.

Manage your memberships

Customize your memberships with benefits that fit your business model. From monthly credits to exclusive discounts and more, create uniquely tailored memberships that lead to repeat clients.

Market upcoming programs

Send automated marketing emails to your client database – or a subset of your clients – with details for new and upcoming programs. And, communicate important event details to your rosters prior to event day.


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