Athlete Waiver & Release Template

Every sports business needs a client waiver, but many don’t know where to start. We’re here to help. Use this template to keep you and your business safe in the event of injury.

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What to expect and what's included:

Client acknowledgement of training rules

Ensure clients are fully aware of and agree to all training rules and policies, in order to foster a safe and productive environment for both trainers and athletes.

Medical verbiage for new and existing injuries

Procedures regarding new and existing injuries, which help to manage health risks and ensure appropriate care is provided.

Rights to images, video, and other media

Verbiage outlining explicit rights for the use of images, videos, and other forms of media captured during training or events, in order to protect both client and organization interests.

Financial responsibility for enrolled programs

Detail the financial responsibilities associated with enrolled programs, including payment terms and conditions, to ensure transparency and understanding of all costs involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Athlete Waivers and Release Forms

What is an athlete waiver?

An athlete waiver & release is a legally binding document that athletes sign to acknowledge the risks involved in participating in sports or fitness activities. It includes clauses on training rules, medical issues, media rights, and financial responsibilities, ensuring both parties are protected and informed.

Why is an athlete waiver important?

An athlete waiver is crucial for clearly communicating the terms and conditions of participation, including the risks and responsibilities. It protects the organization or trainer by limiting liability for injuries or damages and ensures athletes are aware of their commitments and rights.

What should be included in an athlete waiver?

A comprehensive athlete waiver should include acknowledgment of training rules and policies, medical verbiage for new and existing injuries, rights to images and videos, financial responsibility for programs, and any other relevant clauses that protect both the athlete and the organization.

Is an athlete waiver legally binding?

Yes, an Athlete Waiver is legally binding when properly executed. It must clearly communicate the risks associated with the activity and the responsibilities of both parties. For it to be enforceable, the waiver should be comprehensive, understandable by all parties, and signed voluntarily. Consulting with legal professionals to ensure the waiver adheres to local laws and regulations is highly recommended for maximum legal effectiveness.

Can an athlete waiver be customized for different sports?

Absolutely! An athlete waiver can be adaptable to different sports or fitness programs. Customizing the waiver to address your business's offerings and specific risks, rules, and policies associated with each activity is essential for ensuring comprehensive protection and clarity.

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