Revenue-Driving Marketing Survey Templates

Steal these 9 survey templates and start gathering valuable data and insights from your customers, staff, and market.

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What to expect and what's included:

A great marketing survey enables you to gather focused insights from large groups of people. For sports facilities and training businesses, marketing surveys are a simple way to collect feedback from your clients, staff, and team. How do most new customers hear about your business? What is the leading cause of employee turnover? And is your target market aware of your offerings?

Using these templates, you’ll gain insights on these questions and more.

So what are you waiting for? Steal these 9 proven survey templates you can copy right into your marketing flow today.

What are marketing surveys?

Get insights on what marketing surveys are, and why they are crucial for sports facility and training academy success.

When should I send marketing surveys?

Get tips for the best time to collect feedback from stakeholders - including new clients, churned clients, staff members, and more.

Sample surveys you can steal today!

Get 9 different survey templates that you can copy into your marketing workflows today!

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