Gain unparalleled visibility into the future of your revenue.

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Membership analytics allows you to finally understand the specific factors that contribute to changes in recurring revenue. And with forecasts that project revenue months in advance, you can make decisions to help your business hit and exceed goals.

Forecast revenue trajectory

No more guessing games. Forecasting models allow you to visualize future revenue streams so you can see and plan for the future.

Deeper member insights

Dig into the factors that contribute to changes in membership revenue with analytics that go beyond just displaying raw metrics.

More informed decisions

Granular member insights and accurate revenue forecasts empower you to make better decisions to meet and exceed sales and retention goals.

Forecast revenue trajectory at a glance

Visualize the complete past – and future – of your membership recurring revenue in seconds, and quickly spot impending blockers to growth. Filter by different membership types and compare performance over time, all within one easy to use report.

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Get the full story with membership insights

Membership analytics goes beyond just displaying metrics, allowing you to dig into the specific factors that contributed to membership revenue. Export lists of new and churned members, see which membership types are most profitable, and so much more.

Make more informed decisions and exceed revenue goals

Arm yourself with the insights you need to make better decisions for your business. And with accurate forecasts that project recurring revenue months in advance, you’ll hit and exceed sales and retention targets.

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“It’s awesome that you can see how much we make in memberships today and how much we can make in the future. We are looking to expand, and being able to see projections like this helps us get a clear number of what we can budget for. Thank you!”
Garrett Gajewski
GM; D-BAT Dupage

You don't need to be a fortune teller to predict the future.

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