Sports Management Platform

We built our sports management platform to help sports coaches and trainers manage all of the ins and outs of running a successful youth sports training - from managing registrations, accepting payments, marketing programs, and more.

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Use Upper Hand to manage your sports training business. Build out your program settings to fit your offerings, so that you can spend your time organizing your programming and agenda.

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Manage Your Schedule and Availability

Stay on top of your busy schedule. After creating your programs, simply add your availability, set scheduling deadlines, and start booking sessions.

Accept Payments Online and In-Person

Choose your payment methods and transact online, at the front desk, and in-person. Keep track of all things payments with real-time reporting.

Manage Your Business From Anywhere

From checking attendance to communicating with your athletes, the Upper Hand mobile app keeps you connected wherever the day takes you.

Market Your Programs

Announce upcoming sports camps, programs, or sessions with automated marketing emails to increase registrations.

Sell Branded Swag

From branded apparel to equipment - build out your storefront and sell your products online and in-person.

Automate Waivers

Keep your business and athletes safe by requiring electronic waivers during checkout.

Sports Management Platform

As a sports coach, you’re looking for ways to help your athletes win. As a sports business owner, you’re looking for a way to turn your passion into a profitable, growing business. To do this, you may find yourself juggling your athletes, your programming, and your administrative duties at the same time. Without the right tools, managing these tasks and growing a profitable business can be extremely challenging. What you need is a sports management platform to help you manage your business.

A sport management platform is an app or software that makes organizing and performing administrative tasks more accessible and efficient. Sport management apps are designed to work on mobile devices, such as smartphones, allowing you to take your sports business on the go. The best sports management system will give you the tools you need to efficiently run your sports training academy. Instead of requiring multiple platforms for each task, such as one for clients to make payments, one for registering new clients, and another for managing sports facilities, a sports management system should be able to handle all these tasks in one centralized platform.

Sports management platforms are an ideal solution for coaches, trainers, facility managers, and others who need to balance their work in the youth sports industry with the profitability of their business. Sports management platforms can accomplish all of these tasks in one convenient platform:

  • Get new clients signed up
  • Receive payments
  • Book sessions
  • Sell merchandise
  • Pay staff
  • Manage facility and staff availability
  • Automate marketing and communication with clients
  • Provide a video analysis of sports activities to identify areas for improvement

Upper Hand offers sports business owners a platform that can do all of these things and more.

Youth Sports Management Software

With so many young people in sports, youth sports management can be complex. Between camps, clinics, group lessons, and individual lessons, there are a lot of youth sports programs that take up your resources and time. The best way to grow your business is to make it easy for parents to sign their children up for a camp or lessons.

The purpose of a youth sports software is to make the process of registering clients and scheduling lessons more efficient. With Upper Hand, the youth sports registration process can be completed quickly and easily through a mobile device. Bookings are automatically added to the calendar, preventing double bookings and ensuring a smooth scheduling process. The app also allows managers to create and organize programs such as camps, clinics, and other sessions, making it easy for parents to view availability.

In addition to registration and scheduling, youth sports scheduling software like Upper Hand provides a secure payment processing system and automated marketing tools. Payments can be made with ease during the registration process, while automated marketing emails keep parents informed and engaged with upcoming events. Efficient management processes can lead to increased satisfaction among parents and a more profitable business.

Sports Club Management Software

When it comes to managing a sports club, utilizing a sports club management software is essential to success. Among the many features that are essential in apps for sports clubs is the ability to simplify and sort out the business aspects of running a sports organization. Managing clients and keeping track of various tasks like scheduling sessions, registering clients, and processing payments can become increasingly complex as a business grows. A comprehensive sports software, like Upper Hand, can simplify and streamline these processes. These platforms go beyond being a simple note-taking app or checklist, and handle tasks such as scheduling and payment processing.

For instance, Upper Hand's sports management software offers a scheduling and registration tool, as well as a billing and point of sale system. Sports business owners can use the platform to easily manage client schedules, book sessions considering calendar, staff, and resource availability, and even perform check-ins. Additionally, the best sports facility management software can be used to create programs for different types of sessions to maintain a consistent and organized workflow. Upper Hand also has a mobile app that makes scheduling sessions convenient and accessible without the need for a computer.

The payment processing feature is another aspect of sports registration software that helps business owners with administrative tasks. Upper Hand's payment processing tool can accept various forms of payments from clients, allowing business owners to create payment plans and discounts, track orders, revenue, and financial goals, all on one centralized platform.

A robust and centralized sports management platform, such as Upper Hand, can help business owners manage their clients efficiently and streamline their operations by automating tasks, handling scheduling and payment processing, and keeping track of important data and information.

Sports Team Management Software

Sports team management software can be a game changer for coaches, managers, and athletes. With the ability to manage and streamline various tasks and processes, a good sports team management software can help teams and organizations to be more efficient, organized, and profitable.

Team management software provides sports organizations with a comprehensive and centralized solution for managing all aspects of their operations. From scheduling practices and lessons, to collecting payments and managing memberships, team management software makes it easier for organizations to run their programs effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a sports team management software:

  • Payments Collection
  • Roster Management:
  • Scheduling & Registration
  • Marketing Communications

A sports team management app can provide a comprehensive solution for managing sports teams and organizations. With the ability to manage payments, rosters, and offer additional training and instruction, a good sports team management software can help teams to be more efficient, organized, and profitable. Whether you are a coach, manager, or athlete, a sports team management software can provide the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Team management software simplifies the registration process for athletes and their families. With integrated youth sports registration software, organizations can easily collect and manage information from their players, coaches, and families. This streamlines the registration process, and ensures that organizations have up-to-date and accurate information on hand. Moreover, the software allows organizations to process payments securely and manage memberships efficiently. This reduces administrative overhead, freeing up more time for coaches to focus on coaching and developing their athletes.

Sports team management software can also help organizations to offer additional training and instruction to any interested athletes. With a comprehensive database of player information, organizations can use the software to identify areas of improvement and offer targeted training sessions. This not only helps to develop the skills of individual athletes, but also improves the overall competitiveness of the organization. In addition, organizations can use the software to track the progress of their athletes and evaluate the success of their programs. With detailed reporting and analytics, organizations can gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and make informed decisions to improve their programs in the future.

Sports Management Software

Small sports training organizations, both academies and facilities, often have limited resources and staff comprised mostly of coaches and trainers. Managing daily administrative tasks, like scheduling, athlete registration, and payment processing, can be a challenge for these types of businesses. To ease the workload and improve daily operations, many training academies and sports facilities turn to sports management software.

The right youth sports software can help reduce time and resources spent on administrative tasks, freeing up your team to focus on providing top-notch training to your athlete clients. With a sports management software in place, you can streamline membership sign-ups, understand your clients and business analytics, and tackle any obstacles more efficiently. The goal is to allow your team to spend more time on what truly matters - sports and training.

Why waste valuable time sifting through stacks of paper records or trying to keep up with scheduling manually when sports facility management software is available to help? The software streamlines and simplifies the process, freeing up more time for you to focus on your athletes. With a variety of training spaces, sports facility management software can help you stay organized and manage appointments and bookings more efficiently, leading to better utilization of your facilities and greater potential for success. Whether you work with older clients or young athletes in travel leagues or school sports, this software can help you build stronger relationships with your clients, enhance your brand reputation, and attract new clients.

Investing in sports management software can take your business to the next level by optimizing scheduling, reducing errors, and streamlining the athlete registration process. By utilizing the software to book facilities and resources to capacity, you can ensure that potential clients aren't being lost to competitors. Whether your business is small with limited resources or medium-sized, sports management software can help you maximize your facilities and reach your full potential.

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Taila Schluter
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