UP Financial Suite

A reinvented sports payments platform, engineered for growth

Upper hand – upper hand – fitness financial payment software

The UP Financial Suite equips sports facilities and academies with the latest payment features, new reports, and deeper customer insights to empower better decision-making.

Charge more & pay down client balances over time

NEW: Fluid Payments

View all reports with filters in the Upper Hand mobile app

NEW: Improved Mobile Reporting

Take more actions on client membership statuses

NEW: Member History Drawer

Charge, waive, and adjust outstanding client balances

NEW: Orders Report

Use multiple payment options on one order

NEW: Split Payments

Balance out your business's accounting books

NEW: Ledger Report

Manage clients' scheduled payment plans

NEW: Payment Plans Tab

Trigger item-level refunds on orders with multiple items

New: Orders Report

View all outstanding client balances and take action

NEW: Balances Report

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