Background Check Template for Staff & Coaches

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What to expect and what's included:

In order to comply with legal requirements, limit liability, and protect young athletes, sports businesses should strongly consider running background checks on their potential coaches and staff.

This resource provides a template for you to collect all necessary information from your potential coaches and staff, notify them of your intent to run a screening, and get their written permission to do so.

Why screenings are important for businesses

Learn why comprehensive screenings are crucial for protecting young athletes and maintaining the integrity of sports organizations.

Steps to take when running a background check

Learn the proper steps to take to run a background check on potential new hires - from staff to coaches.

Form template including all information to collect

Steal a thorough template that includes all necessary information to collect to run a background check.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Conducting Background Checks

What is a background check?

A background check is a process used to verify that an individual is who they claim to be. This process provides an opportunity to check and confirm the validity of someone’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other past activities in order to ensure their suitability for a role in youth sports.

Conducting background checks is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of young athletes. It helps in identifying any potential red flags or past behaviors that could pose a risk. This process is crucial for maintaining a safe and secure environment, building trust among parents, and protecting the reputation of your sports organization.

To conduct a background check, start by obtaining the consent of the individual being screened. Then, use a reliable background check service or agency to review criminal records, employment history, education verification, and other relevant checks. Ensure compliance with all legal requirements and privacy laws during the process.

Background checks should be conducted before an individual begins their role within your organization. Additionally, it’s recommended to perform periodic background checks, such as annually, to ensure ongoing safety and compliance, especially if there are significant changes in someone’s role or responsibilities.

Yes, it’s highly recommended to conduct background checks on volunteers, especially those who will have direct contact with young athletes. This follows the same principle of ensuring safety and trust within your sports organization.

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