Stephen vs. Sabrina: 5 Takeaways from this NBA Marketing Success

In the evolving world of professional sports, it’s not just about the game on the court; it’s about the narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. This marketing technique by the NBA was eye-catching when they orchestrated a showdown between Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and New York Liberty guard Sabrina Ionescu. The purpose? To settle a long-standing debate over who reigns supreme as the basketball world’s best three-point shooter. This strategic move is also replicable for sports facility owners who can draw inspiration from the NBA’s playbook by recognizing the power of employee development within their teams. Just as the NBA seeks to settle debates and showcase talent, your sports facility can benefit from highlighting the skills and achievements of your superstar staff.

How to Craft a Sports Business Mission Statement (with examples!)

A key component of any business is a mission statement. Think of your mission statement as your north star. It helps you effectively communicate your business goals to all of your stakeholders, from your staff to your clients. Crafting a compelling mission statement is more than just a formality for business owners. It’s a foundational set that can guide the direction and success of your facility or academy. Whether you’re beginning to start your own business or your business plan could use a refresh, here’s how you can craft the perfect mission statement that guides your business.

3 Email Automations You Should Be Using

Want to start automating your email marketing? Look no further. Best practices (and ideas) for studio and gym email automations. Email automations empower you to plan and send automated messages to specific clients at certain times–without doing the manual work every time. By automating the process, you are able to focus on other areas of your business while still staying in touch with your clients and building positive relationships.

What is Midjourney (and how can I use it for my business)?

In the dynamic world of ever-changing technology, it can be hard to stay up to date on it all. However, as a sports business owner or coach, you could be taking advantage of these advancements to better your business. One of these up-and-coming technologies is called Midjourney, and business owners all over the world are using it to gain a competitive edge in their marketing strategies.

4 Ways to Build a Positive Sports Team Culture

Building and maintaining a positive team culture is important in creating a safe, enjoyable experience for athletes and coaches. Team culture is established by leaders (coaches) and reinforced by athletes who believe in it. This means that it’s truly the responsibility of coaches to decide they want to build a positive environment and work on it every day.

6 Strategic Promotions to Attract Clients to Your Sports Business

In the realm of sports business, whether you’re a seasoned owner or recently launched your business, implementing strategic promotions can be a game changer. Promotions not only attract new clients, they also generate revenue and encourage participation with current clients. Dive into this guide to explore six innovative promotion ideas, along with a few examples to attract clients and elevate your sports business to new heights.

3 Ways to Utilize Upper Hand’s Account Credit Feature

Within the Upper Hand app, we’ve added the ability to apply a positive Account Credit to a client’s profile. This Account Credit essentially allows a client to carry a positive account balance on their profile. Much like a store credit or gift card, this balance can be applied to future purchases. Here’s how Account Credits work in Upper Hand.

How to Differentiate Your Sports Business from Competitors

Your business is centered around a competitive mindset. You teach your athletes and clients to compete like champions, and you scout talent and competition on other teams–but when is the last time you’ve taken time to scout your business competition? And after analyzing your competitors, how can you use those insights to differentiate your business offerings? We’ll define 3 key ways you can give your business the upper hand here.

5 Spooky Ideas for your Sports Facility in the Month of October

You’re always looking for fun ways to engage with your athletes without sacrificing the quality of the training you’re providing. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a perfect opportunity to add a little holiday spirit to your facility or training academy. Here are 5 tips to help you…