April showers not only brought May flowers to kick off a new month…they also brought a number of new updates to the Upper Hand app.

As our team continues to make upgrades to the Upper Hand app, we wanted to take a look back at all of the new features added to our sports management software.

Here’s an inside look at what’s new, and a sneak peak at what’s coming soon!

Add "leads" to your contact database

We know that it’s important for you to market your offerings and business to your new

We’ve added a new “Lead” contact status to the Contacts Page. This enables you to add contacts to your Upper Hand software without them being prompted to create an Upper Hand account.

How can you use this feature? This is a great way to add prospective clients to your email lists, so that you can target them with marketing emails to sign up for your programs! Here’s more information about how you can add a lead to your Contacts Page, as well as a few ideas for emails you can send to these leads!

Further segment your contacts with advanced filtering capabilities

Speaking of contacts, we’ve also added some additional contact segmentation filters to your Contacts page! This empowers you to better segment and market to your clients.

Now, in addition to filtering by demographic data like Zip Code or Age, you can also filter based on activity. For example, you can now filter your contacts by First Purchase Date or Last Purchase Date, Purchased Events, Birthday Month, and more!

And, with Upper Hand, you can use these filters to help you create contact groups to send more targeted emails to a subset of your clients.

Edit or remove a pending membership cancelation

Historically, once you had scheduled a client’s membership to cancel within the Upper Hand software, you were unable to take any further action. Now, we’ve added more flexibility to the way you can manage your memberships.

We’ve made an update to our memberships to give you the ability to edit or remove a pending membership cancellation. So, if a member decides to keep their membership, or you need to adjust the date of cancellation, you’re able to make those changes in just a few clicks!

Even more updates coming soon

In addition to these updates, we’ve got some exciting new features coming soon. While we can’t share too much yet, we wanted to put together a few highlights of what you can look forward to in the coming months!

  • You (or your clients) will be able to add additional emails to a parent account to receive email notifications. So, for athletes whose parents are co-parenting, or if another relative is responsible for picking up or dropping off an athlete, they can get these reminders without having to create a separate account.
  • Set future age restrictions for events and teams within your Event Setup. For example, if a 12 year old athlete will be 13 by the time the 13+ camp will start, they will be able to register. This eliminates the need for you to manually register these athletes from the admin side.
  • Create tiered membership options for your clients. Soon, instead of creating a different membership for each billing cadence, number of benefits distributed, or other criteria, you’ll have the ability to create tiered options within a single membership.

Last time out

In case you missed last month’s update, here’s a recap of some of the features we pushed out in March!

Keep track of time with a calendar time indicator

We added a blue timeline and clock on our calendar that shows the live time of day, helping you keep track of the time at a glance.


Close out your cash drawer

Historically, there was no way to reconcile your cash drawer at the end of the day without having Admin access to the business reporting. So, we’ve added a Daily Closeout report that is accessible to your front desk, managers, and other staff so they can complete this task.


Transfer athletes between team rosters

Much like you can transfer athletes between fixed-schedule events like camps and clinics, Admins are able to move an athlete between rosters in just a few clicks. We know that sometimes things change and you need to make adjustments!

Click here for a full list of updates that went live last month!


Like what you see?

We’re always making upgrades to the Upper Hand app, and would love to connect with you to show you the newest features (and more) with a personalized walkthrough! Click here to request a demo and to schedule a call with a member of our team. Not ready to talk to someone? No problem. We’ve got a number of interactive product tours that will give you a look under the hood. Check them out here!

Already an Upper Hand customer? These features are already live and in your account. Log in to get started!

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