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3 Ways to Utilize Upper Hand’s Account Credit Feature

At Upper Hand, our product roadmap is driven by customer feedback. Some of that feedback we’ve received is that it would be great for Upper Hand clients to carry a positive balance on their profiles.

Enter: our new Account Credit feature!

Within the Upper Hand app, we’ve added the ability to apply a positive Account Credit to a client’s profile. This Account Credit essentially allows a client to carry a positive account balance on their profile. Much like a store credit or gift card, this balance can be applied to future purchases. Here’s how Account Credits work in Upper Hand.

Maybe you already have an idea about how you can utilize this new functionality.

Or, perhaps you need some inspiration to get the most out of it.

Here are 3 ways you can utilize Upper Hand’s Account Credit feature for your sports facility or training academy.

But first, here’s how to add an Account Credit in Upper Hand

1. Log into your Upper Hand account

2. Navigate to the client’s profile page*

3. Click the “View” button inside the Account Credit box

4. Click the 3 dot menu inside the drawer

5. Select “Create Credit.”

6. Add the Credit amount and an optional note and set the credit type, and it will be applied to the client’s profile.

You can view a full history of a client’s Account Credit by opening the Account Credit drawer at any time.

*Note: Only primary account holders can have an Account Credit, however the balance can be applied when purchasing items for a Managed Profile.

3 Ways to use Upper Hand’s Account Credit feature

1. Offer a store credit instead of issue a refund

We’ve all been to stores where you make a return or cancel a purchase, and instead of being refunded to your initial payment method, you’re given a store credit. Now, you can implement the same strategy at your sports training business!

When an athlete can no longer attend a session, you can opt to add an account credit to that athlete’s profile for the price of the session, instead of issuing a refund when canceling. Then, when an athlete goes to book their next session, they can apply that Account Credit towards a new purchase.

By issuing a store credit instead of issuing a refund, you are encouraging athletes to rebook sessions that they’re no longer able to attend. This helps increase client retention and loyalty, as clients are more likely to spend their store credits rather than take their business elsewhere. Additionally, store credits will keep the money within your business, allowing you to maintain better control over your finances.

2. Redeem a gift card

Another way to utilize Upper Hand’s Account Credit feature is as a “gift card.” In this use case, someone could purchase a gift card for an athlete. Then, the gift card balance can be applied to the athlete’s profile.

For example, if a parent or grandparent would like to purchase a gift card for an athlete, once the gift card has been purchased, you can add that balance to the profile. Athletes can choose when and how much of their gift card they’d like to redeem as they purchase new lessons, apparel items, etc.

Offering gift cards is a great way to offer gift-givers a personalized and thoughtful gift option for athletes and clients. Gift cards increase flexibility, as athletes can choose the exact training or item they want. Additionally, gift cards can lead to upsell opportunities, and recipients may choose to spend more than the card’s value, or may continue to purchase programs that they are excited about, which can further boost your revenue.

3. Provide an incentive for client referrals

You can also utilize the Account Credit feature as a low-cost marketing strategy to reward clients who refer other athletes to your business. If a new client mentions an athlete’s name when they sign up for a session, for example, you may opt to apply a small Account Credit to the referring athlete’s profile.

The benefits of a referral program are manifold. First, a referral program incentivizes your current clients to spread the word about your business and grow your clientele. And ultimately, you’re encouraging them to become loyal brand advocates of your business. Additionally, as athletes continue to promote your sports training academy or facility, you will expand your customer base. This will lead to a diverse group of new customers, and ultimately drive more revenue to your business.

At the end of the day, utilizing Upper Hand’s Account Credit feature to support your referral program will foster a sense of community among your athletes. And, as a result, you’ll find that it enhances the overall training experience.

Not an Upper Hand customer? 😎

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