Stephen vs. Sabrina: 5 Takeaways from this NBA Marketing Success

NBA marketing success

In the evolving world of professional sports, it’s not just about the game on the court; it’s about the narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. This marketing technique by the NBA was eye-catching when they orchestrated a showdown between Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and New York Liberty guard Sabrina Ionescu. The purpose? To settle a long-standing debate over who reigns supreme as the basketball world’s best three-point shooter. This strategic move is also replicable for sports facility owners who can draw inspiration from the NBA’s playbook by recognizing the power of employee development within their teams. Just as the NBA seeks to settle debates and showcase talent, your sports facility can benefit from highlighting the skills and achievements of your superstar staff.

3 Ideas to Steal from Professional Sports Teams to Grow your Business

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Cities with professional sports teams have built a community and brand around these teams, capturing the allegiance of their residents. But, many teams have realized that their “brand” can extend even beyond their geographical region. What about these teams makes them gain widespread popularity?

Which NBA team should you root for? Take this quiz to find out…

NBA Logo Rankings

Take this short quiz to determine which NBA team you should root for during the upcoming 2022-2023 NBA season! As a tech company serving the sports industry, we get excited when another sports season rolls around. For coaches and athletes, this means that another off-season of work is ready to be showcased. For sports training facilities and academies, it means that some programs are wrapping up while others are about to get started.

Sixteen Sweet 16 March Madness Stats

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This week kicks off the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, leading into the culmination of March Madness — the National Championship game. The Final Four is one of the most anticipated and action-packed weekends in college sports, where millions of fans will tune in to games to watch Cinderella stories unfold and root on the teams that will push their brackets to the top of the rankings. With all the excitement surrounding the tournament this year, we put a list together of sixteen sweet March Madness stats that you probably haven’t heard before.

The Top Face Masks for Working Out

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The CDC recommends face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fitness centers and gyms are beginning to reopen with mask mandates in place, which means finding the best workout mask is key to having a comfortable–and successful–workout. But, not all face masks make the cut. When choosing the best face mask to wear to the gym, it’s important not only to consider the functionality and protection the mask provides, but also aspects such as breathability and fit.

NFL Logos: Ultimate Ranking and Analysis

NFL Logo Rankings

To determine the “ultimate ranking” of NFL logos, our team sourced rankings from 7 different reputable sports sites including FanJuicer, Athlon Sports, Bleacher Report, Sports Feel Good Stories, Sporty Tell, USA Today, and Thoughts from the Bench. We created a table listing each team’s spot in the 7 rankings, removed the best and worst rank scores to eliminate outliers, and averaged the scores out. These final averages determined each team’s place in the final ultimate NFL logo standings. Using these rankings, we were able to analyze the logos to find commonalities linking the top rated NFL logos (and the worst).

The Evolution of Apps is Helping Live Sports Events Rebound

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across all industries were forced to pivot, leveraging technology and digital innovation in new ways to maintain operations and continue to build a sense of community. Now, as sports venues begin to reopen, it is imperative that they comply with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to implement new regulations that ensure health and safety throughout the venue. This can be achieved through the use of mobile apps.

How Sports Venues Can Prepare for Viral Outbreaks Now and in the Future

Safety Sports Venue Viral Outbreaks

While the world scrambles to find solutions and formulate a vaccine, sports venues can prepare themselves by finding alternative roads for revenue outside their traditional events, as well as ways to integrate new regulations to ensure health and safety throughout the venue. We can’t know how long closures and/or social distancing will last, or if the virus will rebound, so it is essential to take the steps we can.

Could Coronavirus Cancel the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Tokyo Olympics Coronavirus

With many high-profile sporting events cancelled or postponed, including the Chinese Grand Prix scheduled for April 19 and the World Athletics Indoor Athletics Championships, it begs the question–will the 2020 Olympics, to be held in Tokyo, go on as scheduled?