This week kicks off the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, leading into the culmination of March Madness — the National Championship game. The Final Four is one of the most anticipated and action-packed weekends in college sports, where millions of fans will tune in to games to watch Cinderella stories unfold and root on the teams that will push their brackets to the top of the rankings.

With all the excitement surrounding the tournament this year, we put a list together of sixteen sweet March Madness stats that you probably haven’t heard before.

Sixteen Sweet March Madness Stats

1. $10.4 billion dollars are wagered annually on the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

March Madness Facts

2. Las Vegas Casinos average $100 million in profit from March Madness.

March Madness Stats

3. The 2018 National Championship game garnered 77 million social media impressions, an increase of 16% over 2017.

March Madness Stats - Social Media

4. The Top 5 March Madness advertisers (AT&T, General Motors, Coca-Cola, Capital One Financial, and Anheuser-Busch InBev) spent $2.7 billion on game ads from 2009-2018.

March Madness Stats - Ads

5. UCLA has the most tournament wins (11) of any other school. Their last National Championship win was in 1995. 

March Madness Stats - UCLA

6. 35.1 million people watched the 1979 Indiana State vs. Michigan State National Championship game – the most viewers of an NCAA basketball championship game ever. 

March Madness Stats - TV

7. 2019 is the first year that beer and wine will be sold at tournament venues. 

March Madness Stats - Alcohol

8. According to WalletHub, 56% of millennials would be willing to miss a work deadline because of March Madness games. 

March Madness Stats - Work 

9. Beer distributors note a 20% increase in sales during the month of March. 

March Madness Stats - Beer

10. 2019 is the fourth year that Minneapolis will play host to the Final Four games. 

March Madness Stats - Minneapolis

11. There are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possible bracket outcomes, so the odds of picking a perfect bracket are, unfortunately, slim.

March Madness Stats - Bracket

12. The average price of a single-game March Madness ticket is $258.

March Madness Stats - Tickets

13. About 30 Trees are cut down every year to make the Championship floor. 

March Madness Stats - Court

14. In the last 15 years, the #1 overall seed has won the Championship only 3 times. 

March Madness Stats - Top Seed

15. In the last 16 years, Louisville is the only team that has won the Championship that hasn’t had blue as a school color. 

March Madness Stats - Louisville

16. Minneapolis is expected to play host to more than 94,000 March Madness fans this year.

March Madness Stats - Minneapolis MN

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Courtney Kerr
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