4 Steps to Effective Sports Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads for Sports and Fitness

Make the most of Facebook Advertising and drive clients to your next training program

Social media has made it easier for marketers and businesses to reach potential customers on many ways, but Facebook Advertising continues to be one of the biggest attractions. Facebook advertising can be an invaluable tool for your business, especially since the size your potential audience is very significant. Look at the Facebook Ads page, and you will see they reach 1.8 billion people every month. Plus, one of every five minutes people spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram. No matter what method businesses use, everyone finds the best way of advertising their business soon enough. If you’re not already using Facebook as a way to market your business, you should probably get familiar with it. With the ability to find the perfect demographic of potential sports clients, Facebook Ads make it easy from the get-go. Customization is simple as well, so you can shape your sports brand and represent your business appropriately. Plus, the locations in which your ads can appear are more extensive than ever. You can even keep an eye on how far your business is reaching using facebook advertising statistics which gives you even more insight on how your business is doing.

Reaching the Right Clients For Your Sports Business

One thing Facebook Advertising provides is the ability to search for a targeted demographic depending on your sports business’s clientele. With the Facebook audience selection tools, you can find the perfect audience for your new sports training campaign. In the Core Audiences section, you can dig deep into the people you’re trying to attract. You can locate them by demographic category, where they live, their interests, and behaviors. Custom Audiences helps you locate the customers you already have, but haven’t communicated with yet on social media. Finding these people on Facebook is going to help you personalize your ads to keep them loyal to your sports business. The same goes with the Lookalike Audience tool that helps you find more customers or website visitors or other contact lists. Facebook Ads also take analytics seriously with their Audience Insights feature. This creates more granular information on every customer you’ve found on Facebook. You’ll learn about what they like, and more about their general lifestyles.

Creating the Right Ad Format

As more proof Facebook Ads can easily fit your brand, you have access to a complete customized experience in creating your advertising. From photo ads to product showcase ads, you can choose exactly what you think is appropriate for your offer. You’re basically given freedom to tell a story about your sports business, meaning you can bring a more personal touch to your training program offerings. Plus, by having information on your target audience, you can create ads that hone in on their needs and desires, possibly adding an emotional appeal. Facebook’s ad formatting also lets you create lead ads for mobile, “dynamic ads” to showcase your catalog, or “link ads” taking people directly to your website.

Using Analytics to Measure Your Ad’s Impact

Promoting your sports and fitness business is nothing but a waste of resources without using analytics to see how the ads are performing. You can measure audience outcomes through Facebook Ads in various ways. It’s possible to measure your reach, frequency, targeting success, and performance across multiple devices. Since your sports business already has intense competition, you want to know exactly what ads work and which ones don’t. Facebook Ads helps your training program brand stand out, while keeping your advertising effective and within budget. But don’t forget the simpler alterations you can make to your brand’s Facebook page to improve its impact on audiences. Having a great cover photo can often make an awesome first impression In addition, Facebook’s split testing (or A/B testing) can give you assurance on what ads work before they go live.

Placing Your Ads Across a Broad Spectrum

Thanks to Facebook having a stake in Instagram and their patented Audience Network, now you can create one ad and have it placed across these media platforms. Instagram alone has a significant reach, so you’re basically adding even more prospects to the one billion using Facebook. These give you a chance to create more visual ads showcasing exactly what your training program is like. Whether it’s presenting innovative equipment you use, or a unique exercise program, don’t forget about the visual aspects to sports facebook advertising.
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