Creating Custom Coupons (+ 3 Holiday Promotion Ideas You Can Use Today)

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There’s no better way to secure and retain customers than through an irresistible deal!

Promotions and coupon codes have a number of benefits for gyms, studios, and sports training facilities. Using discounts and promotions to reward repeat clients and membership encourage and reward brand loyalty. In addition, they help entice prospective customers to try out your offerings.

With the holidays right around the corner, you may consider creating a custom discount or coupon code for your clients and athletes. Here are three easy ideas to help you get started!


3 Holiday Promotions You Can Use Today

1. Waived Join Fee

Send your clients and athletes a one-time coupon code that they can apply to a membership join fee. This could be a great way to encourage one-time clients to become loyal, repeat customers. Plus, it will also boost your recurring revenue for your business.


2.  Item-Specific Discounts

Send your clients and athletes a promotional coupon for a specific offering. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to your lessons or classes, and encourage them to test these offerings out. You can also use this as an opportunity to share your value proposition or brand-related messaging.


3. Retail Sale

Send your clients and athletes a promotional coupon on retail items. If you sell branded swag or sports equipment, this is a great opportunity to boost retail revenue and make way for new products. This will also encourage your clients to represent your brand through apparel or merchandise.



How to create a coupon code in three easy steps with Upper Hand:

  1. Login to your Upper Hand Account.
  2. Navigate to the Coupons tab in your left hand navigation
  3. Populate Coupon Details and set a clever coupon code for clients to use at checkout (Ex: SAVE50)

Tip: For more information on creating a coupon code in Upper Hand, check out this help article.


The holidays are a busy time for the sports and fitness industry — from winter sports, camps, and clinics to tackling new year’s resolutions. By offering some competitive discounts or promotions around the holidays, you can take advantage of this trend. If you are looking for more tips for running successful promotions any time of the year, check out this article here.


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