Maximize Productivity With These 12 Payment Management Solutions

Payment Management Solutions

As a sports business owner, manager, or coach, you have a lot of payments keep track of. You may have lost revenue due to clients missing payments, forgetting to collect fees, feeling uncomfortable asking for money, or any other reason. When you’re busy, things can slip through the cracks. That’s where technology comes into play- using Upper Hand’s payment management solutions can streamline tasks and save hours every day.

Additionally, Upper Hand offers features that help you and your clients have better experiences with payments. From refunds to credits to payment plans, these features allow flexibility for your clients, while still ensuring that you are paid for your services. If you had just a few more hours in the day, you could offer more programs, dive deeper into marketing your business, build upon your client base, or check the tasks off your list that continue to get pushed aside. Let’s get into the specific features that can save you hours when managing payments.

How Upper Hand can transform payment management Solution

Every client and family is different and will want to pay in different ways. Giving clients a seamless and flexible experience is one way to ensure customer loyalty. Here are some payment management solutions that can create a positive customer experience:

  • Process payments anywhere: Easily collect payments from wherever you are. Complete your payment solution with hardware accessories that help manage your business on the go.
  • Offer early bird discounts: Incentivize early registration by offering discounts, which boosts enrollment and upfront revenue.
  • Send payment reminders: Send automated payment reminders for memberships, payment plans, and other programs.
  • Allow clients to insure events: During the checkout process, clients can opt into insurance for a small fee. If a client who opts into insurance gets injured or sick and can’t attend the camp, they will directly engage with the insurance company to secure reimbursement. Then, instead of issuing a refund, your business keeps that revenue!
  • Utilize financial reports: Gain access to financial metrics, allowing you to make better business decisions and increase revenue.
  • Store credit cards: ​​Securely store credit card information and automate recurring payments for faster transactions and increased MRR.
  • Offer payment plans: Set up flexible payment plans and adjust them when needed to best suit your client’s needs.
  • Sell merchandise: Use Upper Hand to sell your business merchandise, equipment, and snacks.
  • Be aware of outstanding balances: Protect your business from unpaid sessions by knowing who has outstanding balances.
  • Issue refunds: In the event that something comes up and a client can no longer attend a session, you can easily issue a refund or credits to their account.
  • Issue credits: Easily issue credits for specific memberships or when a client cancels, ensuring they come back to train with your business.
  • Customize discounts: Create custom discount codes or automate member discounts to show clients your appreciation.

The strategic advantages of using sports management software

Drive more revenue

Utilizing these payment management solutions not only opens up more time to invest, but features such as early bird discounts, recurring membership payments, and insurance are great ways to increase additional revenue.

Real-time reporting and data collection

When you’re managing all of your payments in one place, you can see metrics on what programs are bringing you the most revenue, what demographics make up your main audience, and what changes you can make to grow. Having this information allows you to create more informed decisions and goals for your business.

For sports business owners, managers, coaches, or trainers who want robust payment processing features, Upper Hand’s payment management solutions are the key for a more profitable and streamlined operation. Now, they can reinvest this new time into advancing their business.

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