Youth Sports Sponsorship Letter Template

Plus, tips and best practices when reaching out to potential sponsors and donors.

Sponsorship Letter Template

Asking a local company to sponsor or donate to your organization can be intimidating. While there are a variety of ways to reach out to these businesses, this sponsorship letter template and guide has tips and best practices to keep in mind when asking for others to donate to your cause.

What to expect:

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Sponsorship Outreach 101


For sports teams and organizations, having funding and sponsors is often key to providing young athletes with exceptional coaching.

However, asking a local company to sponsor or donate to your sports organization can be nerve-racking. Ultimately, it’s best to iron out partnership contracts in person, but initial outreach can be made through email or a written letter. It’s important to use this first point of contact to demonstrate the value of your sports organization and outline why a local business should want to partner with your organization.

The business owner or manager that you are reaching out to is likely an extremely busy person, so be concise. Your sports sponsorship letter request should never go over a page and should ideally fall between 300-400 words.

Upper Hand exists to help sports businesses grow, which is why we’ve worked with industry experts to create a template with which you can write your sponsorship outreach letter. By offering this text and tips, we hope this template helps you and your team achieve sponsorship!

– Kevin MacCauley, Founder & CEO, Upper Hand

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