Upper Hand helps Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems streamline online scheduling

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Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems offers a club neutral environment in which their coaches can develop goalkeepers who rise to the challenges of the modern game. They aim to create a breed of goalkeepers who do more than just stop shots and keenly understand every position on the pitch.


Private lessons, small group training, training programs, camps, and clinics.

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After switching to Upper Hand, Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems increased revenue 143% within the first two years.

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In the first year with Upper Hand, Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems grossed over $100,000 in one-on-one sessions alone.


Streamline Modern Goalkeeper’s administration tools to get time back in the day and focus on training athletes and growing the business.


Moved to Upper Hand and began running online registration and scheduling, payments, and other admin tasks through the platform.


Modern Goalkeeper has increased revenue by 143%, and has been able to conduct more than 500 sessions a year across their 12 locations.

Upper Hand helps Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems streamline online scheduling and simplify administrative tasks

More than a decade ago, former two-time national champion goalkeeper coach John Plaugic founded Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems, which focuses on developing goalkeepers by using a holistic approach and state-of-the-art training methods. What started as a small cash-only business with well-known returning customers quickly became a lucrative sports business that has trained hundreds of young athletes statewide.

As Modern Goalkeeper’s clientele and staff grew exponentially, John struggled to manage cash payments as well as coordinate coaching sessions across 12 different locations. It became extremely clear that his business needed a more fluid process that would simplify payment collections while streamlining registration, scheduling and booking. John discovered Upper Hand, and knew its cutting-edge software would help take Modern Goalkeeper to the next level.

He quickly integrated the software into his business infrastructure and instantaneously experienced the technology’s ability to simplify front and back-end office tasks for sports businesses.

"When I decided to look at software companies and I spoke with Upper Hand, it was a no brainer. We were able to make it easier for parents who are investing for their children, and having everything very transparent makes it a successful software."

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The Solution


Since Upper Hand is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, John can now seamlessly manages his entire business from his fingertips and remain plugged in from any location. This includes everything from scheduling group training to one-on-one sessions by location or coach.

Utilizing Upper Hand Payments powered by PaySafe allows clients to easily pay online or through their mobile device after registering for sessions, omitting awkward, in-person transactions.

The integrated platform is geared towards mobile-initiated transactions, real-time analytics and the convergence between brick-and-mortar and online payments. Also, Upper Hand’s payment solutions incorporate a built-in way of sales, which incentivize clients to invest in larger session packages. In the first year using Upper Hand software, the sports program was able to gross over $100,000 in one-on-one sessions alone.

"Upper Hand has really helped Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems grow, tripling in the last year. By having a way to keep track of my community of players, we are able to get in contact easier, which in turn, keeps our clients abreast of all our different training offerings."

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Getting Results

Upper Hand’s mobile-optimized tools and applications allow John and his staff to communicate with everyone at a moment’s notice. Modern Goalkeeper uses the software’s automation capabilities for email marketing, which helps increase the speed of daily communication for clients and administration. Upper Hand’s marketing automation tools are so intuitive that customers have seen email marketing open rates grow to 90 percent, which is 70 percent higher than the industry average.

Upper Hand’s online scheduling capabilities replaced tedious planning and coordination with effortless online booking. This gives Modern Goalkeeper the ability to easily track availability, assign staff members, create custom events, manage facilities and more in one easy-to-view screen.

In addition, Upper Hand gave Modern Goalkeeper the bandwidth to conduct over 500 sessions a year across 12 different locations.

With Upper Hand, John no longer worries about spending valuable time double-checking staff schedules and session attendance, which saves hours of time every week. Instead, the software helps keep everything running in unison, with consistent procedures for booking and scheduling.

Upper Hand promotes unbeatable customer service. Enterprise-level clients, for instance, get their own dedicated customer support representative who not only understand the sports performance market, but are experts in modeling complex and idiosyncratic workflows to solve problems and scale future growth.

“Our partnership with Upper Hand has been very positive and I am extremely happy with their product and professionalism. They’ve made my business more streamlined, and this leads to greater performance on the field.”

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