Social Media Content Ideas for your Sports Training Business

This article was written by Alexus Jimson-Miller, Product Support Consultant at Upper Hand.


Social media is part of the fabric of the human experience. There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t connecting with friends or family on a social media platform in some fashion. Whether it’s sharing funny videos, viewing photos from your cousin’s wedding, or checking out highlights from your favorite sports team, there is always something new and exciting on the web.

Chances are, you already have a social media platform where you are sharing information about your business. If you don’t feel confident in your current social media presence you can always hop over to our 4 Ways to Build your Brand article to learn more about crafting a social media business plan. Social media is an awesome way to build and maintain a recognizable brand, share your sports offerings, and recruit new clients. However, you may find it difficult to separate your business from others who offer similar services, especially if they are geographically close to you. What is one of the best ways to separate yourself from the rest via social media? Sharing more than just the business.

Sharing the basics about your business allows people to see you, but it doesn’t present many opportunities for knowing what you’re all about. Social media gives you the opportunity to share your values and position yourself as a reputable business all before people step in your door or attend your camp.

Here are 3 social media content ideas that can help you do this and stand-out from the crowd.


3 Social Media Content Ideas for your Sports Training Business


1. Tell your story

You worked hard to build a sports business that serves athletes and their families in your community. How much do they know about you and the work you’ve put in to create this space? It can be difficult to let people in, but you may be able to connect with new clients by letting them know where you started or what interests you have outside of sports. Additionally, sharing your business origin story can help new and existing clients understand your values as a business and may encourage others to share stories about how you’ve positively impacted their lives over time. You never know who you may inspire.


2. Make it fun

There are so many social media trends occurring simultaneously with the rise of TikTok and people incorporating music and dance into everyday content. I’m not suggesting that you learn all of the new dances (it would be fun) or all the new songs. Your athletes probably know them though, and letting them show off their sports skills along with their dance skills is a great way for them to assist you in promoting your business while they also get some shine.

Another great way to tap into your resources is to check out the social media accounts of your favorite sports teams. Take note of the fun activities they’ve done or what unique experiences they’ve participated in and apply them to your business with your own distinct spin. Pictures or videos of anything from a Halloween inspired practice to a fun contest between coaches and athletes are all great ways to showcase the fun side of your business.


3. Recognize your athletes and coaches

There are so many ways to recognize and celebrate the achievements of those around you, especially via social media. Letting the world know that you value your sports family gives them insight into the welcoming and unselfish environment they’d find at your facility or during your training. If there is a staff member or employee that has been working hard or is receiving praise for their exceptional coaching, shout them on social media by sharing their picture and a caption of appreciation for what they’re doing.

The same goes for athletes.

Some athletes may only be celebrated during obvious wins like home runs, scoring over their opponent, and game winners. There are so many other wins in between like technique improvement, dedication to training, leading their peers, and lifting up their teammates that can also be recognized. If you see an athlete performing any of these “small wins,” shout them out too. It’s a reminder to them that you care and you see their hard work. It also lets others know that you are passionate about staff and athlete development, not just profits. Plus, parents love to share anything on social media about how awesome their kid is (why wouldn’t they?).


Wrap Up

Mary Lou Retton once said “A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” The memories you’ve forged building your business from the ground up are invaluable and the memories of all the athletes, families, and coaches you’ve impacted are innumerable. While social media isn’t the only way to keep track of these memories, it’s a great tool for pulling them to the forefront to remind your community that businesses like yours are positively influencing the lives of people every single day.


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