6 Ways to Provide Value to Clients During COVID-19

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Gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts have been forced to find continue finding alternative ways to stay healthy and active during the coronavirus pandemic. While most sports and fitness businesses have been forced to shut their doors, there are numerous ways to still add value to clients without seeing them. From live-streamed workout classes to using video analysis tools, we’ve compiled six ways trainers and businesses can continue to engage with clients during this period of uncertainty

3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Video Analysis During COVID-19

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Now is the time to invest in this  technology, as your clients rely on virtual connections to engage with your business. Plus, this new revenue stream will continue to grow with your business as you reopen, setting yourself up for future success. Here are a few key reasons why you should incorporate video analysis technology into your business today.

Customer Story: New Video App Helps D-BAT Keep Training

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D-BAT is one of the top indoor baseball and softball training franchises in the country, aiming to provide quality teaching environments and high quality instruction for athletes of all ages, from little league to the pros. When their franchise locations temporarily closed due to COVID-19, Upper Hand understood the importance of continuing to provide quality training to athletes, and immediately began working on a solution for the business.

COVID-19: How to Promote Your Virtual Classes, Workouts, and Lessons

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By now, many studios and gyms have begun offering virtual training sessions, lessons, and classes. But creating these plans is only half the battle. How do businesses promote these offerings to reach their members, engage new clients, and perhaps most importantly, profit?

How Technology Is Giving Hockey Goalies the Upper Hand

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During games, Geiger holds an iPad and charts every save, goal, wide shot and puck handled by the goalies. During postgame video review, the goalies add more context, such as where the shot was taken and what kind of shot it was—a backhand or wrister, for example. All of these tags help compile an automatic playlist of video clips via the Upper Hand platform.

Q+A with Todd Linden: The Future of Fitness and Sports Technology

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“I believe the sports and fitness world will continue to evolve from a technology perspective. Virtual training programs, social media driven “gamification” and the overall proliferation of the space will be driven by financial technology and integrated payments.”

Good or Bad? The Impact of Sports Replay on Fan Experience

In today’s modern age, the sports and tech world are integrating at unprecedented rates. Fan experience is being shaped by new innovations in tech, and the presence of new technology has undeniably improved the sports industry. New video review capabilities, however, have been met with controversy. 

Leveraging Technology to Become a Better Coach

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Technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our daily lives and has bled its way into the sports industry — especially for coaches and trainers. Fortunately, the integration of technology provides a new lens on the advancement of coaching while greatly impacting the job from virtually every angle. This makes it imperative for coaches to learn how to leverage technology the right way to maximize efficiency, complete communication, improve athlete performance and optimize health standards for athletes nationwide.

New Cutting-Edge Sports Technology

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This article was written by Upper Hand CEO Kevin MacCauley and published via New World of Coaching on October 10, 2018. High school athletics is growing at an exponential rate, reaching nearly eight million participants and increasing in total growth for 29 consecutive years. And with the rise in student loan debt making collegiate scholarships…