3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Video Analysis During COVID-19

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As businesses around the nation have once again temporarily closed their doors or limited capacity due to COVID-19, many fitness studios, gyms, and sports facilities continue to grapple with finding fresh ways of showing their value to clients and members.

One way to show immense value to your clients and members is by incorporating video analysis into your business model. Now is the time to invest in this technology, as your clients rely on virtual connections to engage with your business–plus, this new revenue stream will continue to grow with your business, setting you up for future success.

Here are a few key reasons why you should incorporate video analysis technology into your business today.


3 Reasons to Incorporate Video Analysis Technology


Content Distribution

One key reason why incorporating video analysis technology into your business model is essential is because it enables you to control your content distribution. Video analysis software allows you to document and share your own methodologies, best practices, and techniques with members and clients in a proprietary way that protects your knowledge and treats it like you would inventory in a retail store. 

Controlling your content distribution and protecting your expertise creates immense value for your business, and provides opportunities for significant engagement with clients and members. Video Analysis tech enables you to give clients/members exclusive access to your know-how and provides a unique channel to market that knowledge.

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Macro Progress Visualization 

The simple process of documenting form, technique, and drill execution through video creates a historical visual record of each individual client or member. Set up intervals, once a week, month, or quarter, where you add to the historical visual library of each client/member. The value of change that is visually represented is endless. All clients want to see themselves progressing, and seeing concrete progress over time bolsters customer loyalty and increases engagement immensely. 

Video Analysis tech-aided macro progress visualization can be marketed to anyone, from an athlete learning to master skills to a client looking to monitor incremental muscle-group progress. The opportunities for progress visualization are innumerable.


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Upper Hand’s video analysis can help businesses train clients remotely during COVID-19


In-Depth Analysis

Turn to your staff and team to identify 3 to 5 specific areas that your expertise allows you to provide in-depth analysis in. Using Video Analysis tech, you can offer clients and members specialized and comprehensive evaluations in these areas. Design a template or script so that any staff person could conduct the in-depth analysis, from analyzing angles of motion, to evaluating timing/speed and more.

Highlight technique and areas of improvement by overlaying one video frame with another. There are an infinite number of ways your highly trained staff will be able to leverage this kind of analysis to deliver more value than ever before for your clients/members. 

As we near one year of lockdowns and closures, in-depth analysis is a great way to engage new clients and uphold your relationships with current clients and members. Offering comprehensive evaluations on form and technique will help them maintain progress and keep advancing during these trying times. 

Upper Hand wants to keep sports and fitness businesses training, and that’s why we’re offering a free trial of our industry-leading Video Analysis platform, APEX. 

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