Why You Need Sports Club Management Software

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Managing a sports club is undeniably challenging, with your list of tasks stacking up each day. From coordinating schedules and managing memberships, to handling registrations and facilitating communication, the demands of running a sports club are extensive. Manually handling these tasks can be overwhelming and lead to inefficiency and errors. Enter the game changing solution-sports club management software.

Upper Hand’s powerful tool streamlines and automates various aspects of sports club management, offering a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Here, learn the reasons why investing in a management software for your sports club is not just a convenience, but a strategic decision for club efficiency and success.

Manage memberships

Memberships are a very important aspect of sports clubs, and are oftentimes your biggest source of revenue. As an owner, manager, or coach, building relationships with your clients is crucial, and sets you apart from other clubs.

Having a membership management software like Upper Hand creates a positive experience for every member visit. With software that creates a seamless member check in, allows member discounts, and more, you can focus on building that foundation of a great partnership. Upper Hand’s membership features also empower you to:

  • Offer automatic discounts for select memberships
  • Automate class and program credits for members
  • Offer retail discounts exclusively for members
  • Give members access to exclusive programs and events
  • Leverage data to increase member retention
  • Incorporate optional join fees, commitment lengths, pre-launch momentum, and more

Improve client experience

With Upper Hand’s sports club management system, your clients will appreciate the seamless booking, registration, and payment processes. With automated reminder notifications, clients won’t miss another session. You can also give them the freedom to book with specific instructors for lessons. A client management software for coaches helps add that human touch to your client transactions.

Track athletes’ progress

Athlete progression tracking not only helps athletes improve their skills, but it also elevates their experience, as they are receiving careful instruction based on data. Over time, that data you’ve collected allows you to create even better individualized plans for each athlete.

Manage your staff

Your staff are the godsends that help your sports club run everyday. With Upper Hand, your staff can manage their availability and facility booking preferences, clock in and out, and more. You also have access to payroll reporting. Each staff member receives an Upper Hand login portal, and you can assign staff to different levels of access depending on their role.

Never double book again

You know firsthand how embarrassing it can be when a facility space gets double booked. With Upper Hand, you never have to worry about this happening. Utilizing a sports facility booking app increases client satisfaction, efficient operations, and overall organization.

Why Upper Hand’s sports club management software is worth the investment

Upper Hand assists in managing all aspects of your business. With software taking care of your tasks, you have less problems to fix and more time to train athletes. In fact, Upper Hand saves an average of 8 hours on administrative tasks, allowing you time to create more programs and increase revenue. On average, businesses reported a 107% increase in revenue during the first year using Upper Hand. And, with affordable pricing options, each sports club can benefit from using Upper Hand.

If you don’t yet have a sports club management software, Upper Hand can help! Get a demo of Upper Hand AI today, and see how you can start making better decisions backed by data.

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