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It’s important to understand the different offerings of top sports website companies if you are looking to build your first, or redesign an existing sports organization website. Reviews of what the company offers, the pros and cons of working with that company, and price ranges for top companies are listed below. Upper hand – A few things to be sure to take into consideration:
  • Initial design and setup fees
  • Month-to-month costs
  • Hosting fees or other integration or add-on feature fees
  • Is security and site backup included?
  • Will your website include other companies advertisements?
  • Will you receive additional web support after initial design?
  • Are there additional sports software integrations?

Top Company Reviews

Home Teams Online Home Teams Online offers everything that is needed for the design of your site, along with free hosting. The pros of working with Home Teams is that they offer a home page, banners, custom navigation, a roster and no advertisements (something you should be sure to ask about with other companies as well). The biggest con is that you have to choose the package that’s going to work for you – and with that comes paying extra for every feature you want. Many of the pages are built the same way, reducing the ability for your website to be unique. In the end, you could spend anywhere between free to $195 per year. Point Streak Taking advantage of Point Streak means gaining access to a content management system so you can make changes without having to wait for a webmaster to do it. The pro is that they offer a complete solution, with a custom design as well as integrated software to provide statistics and manage the experience for clients and players alike. The con is that pricing isn’t shared because it is customized based upon how much you actually want integrated into your website. Additional integrations and features can start to add up. Team Pages Team Pages offers a unique approach for your sports organization website. There’s a free version, but this option will have ads and your sports website design is limited to four web pages within the site. If you want it to be ad-free, the cost is $79.95 per year and you will get unlimited photos and pages, calendar syncing, a custom banner and background, as well as a custom domain name. The cons to the paid plan is that you do not receive any security or backup in the case of technical issues or bugs, additional features come at a premium, and customization for your brand is limited. Sports Engine Sports Engine provides a sitebuilder so you can manage your content. You will be able to get a fully responsive website as well as an edit mode that allows you to make changes line by line. You can drag and drop widgets, mirror content from page to page, and have access to complete support. The con is that you have to ask for a free quote beyond the month-to-month cost, because the website design can include an initial expense in addition to the month-to-month hosting fees that you’ll pay. Upper Hand We have built our sports website designs at Upper Hand to address the issues our software customers have faced while developing their websites with other companies. We utilize a WordPress platform to make it easy for you to manage content after the website is built. Plus, with Upper Hand you get much more than just your website. As a customer, you are offered personal branding, a streamlined management process with Upper Hand sports software and mobile compatibility across the board. The website cost includes up to 5 revisions, all content, dedicated hosting, auto backup and recovery, as well as security monitoring. The only downside is that if you want additional plugins or extensions, these will add to the initial cost. But overall, we make sure the value is present and give you easy access to edit and control your own website. Ultimately, choosing the best sports website design company comes down to one thing – doing your research. Make sure that the company you choose can work flexibly with your unique brand and needs.
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